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Santa Clausthaler - The First and Only Holiday-Themed Non-Alcoholic Beer


Introducing Santa Clausthaler - the first and only holiday-themed non-alcoholic beer out there. Combining Clausthaler Original, the most awarded non-alcoholic beer on the market, with the merry and bright flavors of cinnamon and cranberry. Endorsed by Santa himself with his image right on the label. It's available at Total Wine & More, Whole Foods & other fine retailers with an MSRP of $9.99 for a 6-pack.

Over 40 years ago, Clausthaler patented the process for brewing beer without alcohol and has been innovating ever since with new flavors and varieties. The non-alcoholic beer category continues to grow as consumers turn to better tasting, better-for-you options with no alcohol.

This is so delicious. It has such a wonderful warm cinnamon spiced cider scent and a nice pleasant taste. It’s very smooth with a nice cinnamon spice flavor.  It goes nicely with meals or desserts and is pleasant to drink.

Makes a nice hostess gift and great for bringing to gatherings.


  1. This would be fun to have Christmas Eve for those that don't really drink


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