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Save Time Sending Thank You Notes With


At this time of year, sending thank you notes for gifts, can be a daunting task, yet we all know that it is proper etiquette and should always be done. You may be receiving gifts from many family members, friends, and even clients, but not have a lot of time on your hands to thank them all.

For those of us who are so busy, and truly don’t have the time to send out numerous thank you notes, such as large corporations, new parents, or newly married couples, there is a great service that offers to write thank you notes for you.  

Introducing They will write exactly what you type in pen and ink, and send it to anyone you want, in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and 190 other countries.

The process on the Handwrytten website is so simple. Think of what you’d like to say, type it on the website or app, then choose from their assortment of beautiful cards or even your own stationery.  Handwrytten will then use their custom-designed machinery aka handwriting robots, to write your notes by holding real pens and writing in the font style you choose.

A nice thing I found interesting on the website, is that they also send thank you notes in multiple culture languages. This is wonderful for anyone who wants to send a special thank you to anyone who speaks a different language.  I found this to be a great resource for businesses who have clients all over the world.

Did you know that some countries find it impolite to say thank you? I found that to be a fascinating fact. 

You can find more information about this by visiting: 

Here are more ways that can help you:

Christmas Cards

Do you have a lot of clients that you have to send seasonal greetings to? Make the cards appear to be more personal with Cards written in pen and ink are much more warm and personal than a card with a printed name or company logo on them. I have to be honest, I’ve always hated receiving printed cards that aren’t in pen or personalized.  I find them to be a nice gesture but very impersonal and inhospitable.

Sympathy Notes

One of the most difficult types of thank you notes that I have always found to write are Sympathy thank you notes. It’s such a difficult task when you are grieving, yet it must be done. Let Handwrytten take that burden away from you and write your thank you notes on your sympathy cards for you. 

Corporate Notes

Add a personal touch to items purchased by sending a handwritten thank you to your customers! Send a special thank you to a colleague. Congratulate a coworker for their accomplishments. These are just a few things Handwrytten can do for you.

Add Gift Cards

Now you can send cards and a gift without leaving your home or office! You can choose from over 20 popular gift cards when you check out on the Handwrytten website, from brands including VISA, Starbucks, Amazon and more.

Now that you know some of the great options available on the website, you can take a deep breath and rest easy knowing you have one less task to worry about. 


  1. This is great if you have to write a lot of cards!

  2. WOW they say if you think about it there is a business needed for everything. I could see a lot of people using this service.


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