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Talon Brands St Kathryn Cellars Blueberry Wine


I love mulled wine during the cold winter months.  It’s delicious cold, but even more delicious warm with added fruits and spices.  Some mulled wines are delicious served as they are.  Talon Winery Blueberry wine is one of those wines.  It is so delicious. It’s sweet with a bit of tartness, and has the perfect blueberry taste.  It makes a wonderful sipping or dessert wine and even goes well with meals.  We are huge blueberry fans in my home and this wine will surely be a favorite for years to come.  

This makes a wonderful holiday gift for any cheese basket.  Just add a bottle with some crackers, assorted cheeses, a cheese board and pretty holiday towel to make a perfect hostess gift.

About Talon Winery Blueberry Wine

Each Fall and holiday season we make mulled wine for guests who come in looking for that ultimate holiday experience that a winery can give. Our bottles of wine are about the perfect size to fill a stocking.

We change the base wine we use each month, but one of our most popular is our Blueberry Wine, which we combine with vanilla spices. We make our blueberry wine using real, natural blueberry. The fruity taste, combined with the mulled spices, makes for a surprisingly light yet festive and enriching drink during the holidays. 

A bottle of our blueberry wine is $19. 

Website: Talon Winery


  1. I have never had (delicious warm with added fruits and spices) warm wine. Sounds wonderful I will have to look in the stores for it.

  2. Blueberry wine! Count me in.....


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