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Add Jali Fruit to Your Charcuterie Boards This Holiday

I have a wonderful addition for any charcuterie board this holiday! Jali Fruit has delicious wild sun-dried tropical fruits like pineapple, Jack fruit and mango that are perfect for any board and go great with cheeses, crackers, nuts and chocolate! 

Jali Wild Sun-Dried fruit is great for snacking and makes a wonderful gift! Add it to a special gift basket for someone special in your life. 

These wild sun-dried fruits are so delicious and knowing all of the love and care that goes into each bag is so wonderful and makes me enjoy it even more.


Jali Fruit is 100% hand crafted by rural women farmers all over the world. Made with no added sugar and no preservatives, Jali fruit is bold in flavor and packed with vitamins. It’s the perfect natural grab-n-go snack with a story. Learn more