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Delicious Holiday Side Dish Recipes from Chef Dave


Looking for some unique recipes to wow your holiday guests? Let Chef Dave inspire you with these delicious delicious side dish recipes. Also featured is a signature cocktail your guests will love.

Graton Resort & Casino recently posted a series of videos with step-by-step demos that show how to make their signature holiday side dishes, hosted by one of the casino’s chefs, Chef Dave. Each video features “make-ahead” side dishes that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers: 


Maple Chipotle Sweet Potato Mashers (1:37)



5 Peeled sweet potatoes cut into 3” pieces   

tbsp Kosher salt   

1 cup Vermont maple syrup (amber preferred)   

oz  Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce   

2 cups Sour cream   

tbsp Kosher salt   

½ cup Melted butter   

tbsp Ground cinnamon   


Parsnip Puree (1:43)


3 lbs Peeled parsnips cut into 2” pieces  

2 tsp Kosher salt  

1 Cup heavy cream  

¾ Cup whole milk  

¾ Cup whole garlic cloves  

¾ Cup olive oil  

2 tbsp Sea salt  

1 tsp White pepper 


Butternut Squash Risotto Croquettes (2:29)


1# Arborio Rice  

1 gallon Chicken or Vegetable Stock  

½ Cup Olive Oil  

2 Small Yellow or White Onions-Fine Diced  

½ Cup Minced Garlic  

¼ Cup Safe Soft Chopped  

4 Bay Leaves  

4 Cups Butternut Squashed Peeled seeded and Diced Into Small Squares  

4 Cups Grated Parmesan Cheese  

3 Tablespoon Kosher Salt  

1 Tablespoon Ground White Pepper  



Canola Fry Oil  

6 Cups Panko Bread Crumbs  

3 Cups All-Purpose Flour  

3 Cups Scrambled Eggs or Scrambled Egg whites  

Pinch of Kosher  

Graton also made holiday cocktails demo, hosted by resident mixologist Jessica Christensen:


Pumpkin Alexander (1:11) 


1 oz Christian brothers brandy  

½ oz Pumpkin chocolate liqueur  

½ oz Kahlua 

½ oz Cinnamon simple syrup 

1 tsp Pumpkin puree




Whipped cream

Cinnamon stick

Pumpkin spice


Holiday Champagne Cocktail (1:19)


1 oz Empress 1908 gin  

½ oz Pama pomegranate liqueur

1 teaspoon Pomegranate puree

½ oz Cranberry-orange simple syrup

Champagne of choice



5 Cranberries

Rosemary sprig

Chef Dave 


Dave has been a chef for over 12 years and has exceptional experience in P&L management, menu design and costing, labor control, forecasting, inventory control and banquet execution (buffet and plated). A professionally trained chef, Dave holds the position of Room Chef for the 630 Park Steakhouse at Graton Resort and Casino.