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Ease the Clean Up Out of Baking


If you’re like me, and have been baking a bazillion cookies for the holidays, you should check out the Grand Fusion Housewares silicone mat. This new silicone mat from Grand Fusion Housewares transforms from a non-stick baking sheet perfect for cookies into a non-stick AND leak-proof high-rimmed dish ideal for chicken, fish or meat in seconds! 

Just snap the corners together and get even heat distribution up to 450 degrees, along with the fast clean-up you expect. Grand Fusion Housewares provides free shipping for orders over $15. Also available on Amazon. I do recommend you use a baking sheet under the silicone mat for stability and in case of accidental spills, as a safety measure. 

This silicone mat will make a world of difference for you in the kitchen. Once you see how easy the clean up is, you will wonder why you didn’t get one sooner! 

Makes a great gift!