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Fill Those Stockings with Jabuka

Jabuka, the fun new word game with the coffee theme, is giving Santa a new twist on options to fill stockings this year. Jabuka is the big treat that is the right size to place nicely in those stockings for any one 8 and older.

Jabuka is packaged in a neat, eco-friendly cloth bag and at about five-inches and weighing just a few ounces, it just fits nicely as a compliment to any stocking or gift basket.

Jabuka would make a fun gift for your coworker, a teacher, or your girls night out friends, along with a coffee cup and bag or box of their favorite coffee.

Jabuka ($19.95 for 2-4 players ages 8+) is the multi award-winning rotating letter word game that brews up a lot of fun. Its small, portable, quick and easy game play offers affordable, multi-age entertainment through a cool, coffee theme that you can play just about anywhere. As an easy to learn and play word game, Jabuka is fun for all groups, and it has also been adopted as a fun educational item for hybrid and remote learning too.

How to Play: Players spill the coffee bean-shaped tiles and start a battle of words (official rules at No turn taking. Just grab the letters and make words. Then, maybe you can steal words from other players with clever word scrambles and adding letters. Notice the yellow letters that can be twisted, such as:
“E” is “m” or “w”
“c” is “u” or “n”
“r” can be “j”;
“t” is also “x”;
and more

When you first spill the beans, some land face down, leave those face down until everyone agrees to flip and turn over 2 beans at a time to reveal new letters. Play. Repeat. Count beans when the last 2 are filled. The player with the most beans that make words wins! Game on.

Purchase: (As an Amazon affiliate I receive a small incentive when purchase is made using this link)

About Jabuka Games, Inc.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Jabuka Games Inc. is a start-up game designer and marketer of new and original games. Its premier product is a game of the same name: Jabuka, a coffee themed word game. If its first product is any indication of its future, Jabuka Games is destined to be a very successful entry into the toy and game industry. Jabuka has already received overwhelmingly positive response, recognized with six major awards for excellence in quality, design, educational and entertainment value, originality, and appeal. In the short time since its debut at the New York Toy Fair, Jabuka has sold over 60,000 games worldwide. It’s available at Indigo locations across Canada, over 300 stores in the U.S., and online everywhere For additional information, visit and interact with the company on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.