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How To Make Your Child Feel Like Royalty on Their Birthday


Photo by Marcela Oliveira from Pexels


If your own son or daughter has a birthday in the next few months, or even a child of one of your close friends or family members, you will no doubt be wanting to ensure that they have the proverbial time of their life on their special day. 

Especially with all the hectic madness and upheaval to everyone’s lives across the country and, of course internationally, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there is currently no better time than to shower your child with praise, adulation, and of course, a birthday present that they will genuinely adore.

Continue reading to discover how to make your own, or someone’s you are close to, son or daughter feel like a king or queen on their upcoming birthday. 


Let Them Decide the Details


It can be more than a little frustrating when planning your little one’s birthday party when you have a perfect and beautifully orchestrated vision of how the day will pan out. 

You have a theme in mind that will look great in the photographs, and your best friend is prepared to make the cake that you think they will prefer. However, one of the most effective ways to ensure that your beloved offspring feels in control and very much the centre of attention on their birthday is to let them decide the details.

Naturally, financial parameters will and obviously should be in place, but frankly, if it comes down to a choice between the dinosaur motif your child wants and the floral theme you prefer, you know what to do. 


Treat Them to A Present They Will Cherish Forever


Naturally, it is more than likely that your child, if not thrusting a birthday wish list in your hand, is likely to drop entirely unsubtle hints as to what they would like for their birthday. 

Now, obviously, it is in your best interests to, again allowing for financial and budgeting parameters, provide them with the video game, sports kit, or trainers of their dreams; it may also pique your interest to know that a more sentimental gift may well be the way to ensuring they feel as special and as lovedas possible. 

Beautiful and bespoke jewellery items from professional, renowned, and established British jewellers, such as, make the absolutely perfect birthday gift for your child and will be one they are sure to treasure for years upon years to come, and as they grow up, they can always have the piece changed into something new to suit their changing tastes


Start Before They Wake Up!


If it is possible, bearing in mind your child will be positively brimming with excitement on the morning of their birthday, it would be a fabulous idea to fill the living room and even their bedroom with balloons and streamers. 

Make breakfast extra special by making them their absolute favourite meal, even if not entirely breakfast appropriate and make sure every member of the family is wearing party hats to eat their morning cornflakes… or breakfast birthday cake.