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How To Plan A Trip To Mount Rushmore National Memorial


Photo by Lisa Reichenstein from Pexels

With the lifting of COVID-19 travel restrictions, about 85% of Americans have been looking forward to some much-awaited traveling and vacationing in 2021. Of these, 75% have planned their vacation within the U.S. Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a popular holiday spot for weekend travelers. The memorial offers a unique historical experience like none other.


If you are pondering a trip to a historical monument, here is how you can plan a trip to the Rushmore memorial and create everlasting memories. 


Going There

In Keystone, South Dakota, you can get to Mount Rushmore by road or air. The nearest airport is Rapid City Airport which connects to every major airport. The memorial is about 35 miles from the airport on Highway 244. 


You can get a side glimpse of George Washington’s face from the highway as you near the site. If you want a unique view, you can get there by using the Iron Mountain road, which gives you a complete picture of Mount Rushmore as you drive through the tunnel.


Best Time to Visit

While you can visit the Mount Rushmore National Memorial all year round, the spring and fall attract more crowds because these seasons offer colorful natural beauty. The leaves are a beautiful shade of yellow against the Black Hills during fall, and the scene is picturesque. 


However, the temperatures are relatively low, so pack your woolens. The monument is open 365 days a year, and you can plan your visit anytime.

Take The Guided Tour

The entire tour of Mount Rushmore takes no more than 30 minutes. You have a choice of ranger-guided tours, audio or multimedia tours. If you book a private tour, you may get inclusions like a tour of the Crazy Horse Memorial and the Cluster State Park.


If you can spare a couple of hours, you can cover not just Mount Rushmore but also a walk in the Presidential Trail, the Grand View Terrace, and even watch an informative documentary on how the memorial was constructed.


Where to Stay

There are many accommodation options for you, from camping to luxury resorts in and around Mount Rushmore. There are many hotels, motels, and resorts to choose from. However, the best place to stay is in Keystone, minutes away from the memorial. 


If you are looking for an exceptional experience, you can check out the luxurious Rushmore Shadows Resort, perched on a hill overlooking Mount Rushmore. To find and book the hotels or resorts, visit a good booking website and avail the best deals.


Some hotel booking websites even let you compare prices of different hotels at the same time to give you confidence that you’re getting the best possible deal for your money. You can also filter hotels by categories such as budget, customer ratings, etc. to make your search process quick and easy. 


More Than Just Sightseeing

A famous landmark in the U.S., the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, is not just about the four famous presidents. 


You can walk through the Avenue of the Flags and view all the 56 flags. Visit the Sculptor’s Studio to catch a glimpse of the tools used to carve the sculptures and also get a taste of the famous TJ’s ice cream.