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Organize Your Kitchen and Save Time in Meal Prep

Looking to be more organized in the new year? Prepdeck has some innovative products that will make your kitchen and cooking more organized and will save you time and clean up!

Please see below for your consideration!

Prepdeck (Video)

The world’s first, all-in-one recipe preparation system (And the winner of 2021 Amazon Innovator of the Year award!). Prepdeck is a beautiful and thoughtfully design kitchen accessory that helps make meal-time prep more efficient, organized, and less stressful (YAY!). Prepdeck is loaded with more than 45-features and prep tools, bringing the technique of mise en place from the professional kitchen to the home-chef. It also features stylish finishes that fit within any kitchen d├ęcor. It also offers great accessories including a Tablet/Phone Stand great for keeping recipes in reach!  This is the most organized prepping station I’ve seen. I love that it also has a cutting area. It’s great for indoor or outdoor cooking, and a great gift idea for any foodie, chef or food enthusiast.

Price: $129

Chef Caddy: Handle seasoning like a pro with Chef Caddy. Ditch that messy spice drawer in favor of a home chef-designed seasoning system that organizes your spices by cuisine into modular, portable caddies for an easier, more intuitive seasoning experience. This is one of my favorite pieces from Prepdeck. I love keeping my spices organized, and having the additional oil and vinegar bottle which can be used for any sauces that you use frequently, is an added bonus. I also like that this can be easily portable for outside grilling prep.

Price: $69 for Pro Caddy


Souper Cubes: The Souper Cubes trays make freezing and storing soups, sauces, and stews both easy and convenient. The clear BPA-free plastic lid fits snugly to prevent spills, keep out freezer odors, and enable easy stacking. Each individual tray stores 4 cups in either 1-cup or 2-cup portion sizes. This is perfect for making room in the freezer and freeing up space in the fridge. No more wasted food.

Price: $39 for a 2pk of either size

Cheat Sheets: Cheat Sheets brings a completely new approach to sheet pan cooking. Oven-safe, non-stick silicone dividers that will streamline your cooking and divide your ingredients, to make one-pan meals and meal prepping a breeze. I love that this will allow me to cook my entire meal on one pan. Not only that, but it will help cut down on clean up of any baked on foods from pans, saving me time in the kitchen.

Price: $49 for a set

Free Shipping and Bundles are available on the website, to save you money.

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