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Peroni is Refreshingly Light and Crisp

 This post is intended for adults 21 and older 

Disclosure: I received samples of Peroni to review.

The holidays are undoubtedly upon us and entertaining is an inevitability for many of us, so it’s imperative to be armed with everything you might need for a spontaneous soiree. Thankfully, Peroni is the perfect people-pleaser for fussy house guests! 

Remarkably light and crisp with notes of citrus, Peroni is perfect on its own, but also pairs back perfectly with just about any culinary creation. We suggest adding a dash of Italian flair with a quintessentially Italian antipasto board - because why not celebrate this season in style?

I truly enjoy the refreshing taste of Peroni. It’s a nice light Italian beer addition to my holiday gathering. It’s low in calories and full of flavor. Try it at your next gathering!