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Relieve Those Winter Aches and Pains

It’s that time of year again! Get ready for winter aches and pains!

Holiday decorating, snow shoveling, skiing and skating. These are all activities that can leave us feeling pretty sore at the end of the day.

I personally like to use Salonpas patches, creams and sprays to help ease those aches and pains.  They are simple to apply and give me quick, long lasting relief.

The Salonpas products are great for easing pain in backs, necks, shoulders and joints.  

Since my major surgery this past summer, I’m still not fully recovered and still get lots of knee discomfort.  The Salonpas products help me reduce that.

Some of the popular products from Salonpas include their assortment of patches.  They are simple to use and great for keeping on the sore spots throughout the day.

Recently, Salonpas® has been named the number one doctor-recommended brand of pain relief patches in the United States in a survey by IQVIA*, a leading global provider of research services.

The patches are designed so that they are easy to apply.  Here is a demo

Salonpas products make great stocking stuffers for adults who need them and suffer lots of aches and pains.

Salonpas has an entire line of pain reflief patches, creams, gels and sprays.  Check out the symptoms checker to find which product would be best for you.  

To find Salonpas in your area visit

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Disclosure:  I received product to review


  1. Salonpas products are the best!!! I have just about all of them rubs, patches, jet and use something every day.


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