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Dishtory Heats Up On #NationalCookieDay

to Celebrate the Warmth of the Holiday Season!




Have you ever been cooking in your home for the holiday and become nostalgic about a family recipe or holiday memory? Do you ever wish you had gotten a certain recipe from a relative who has passed away?

What if Grandma’s cookbook could talk? What if lost recipes could be recovered and safeguarded for posterity? What if delectable treats from the past and present were readily accessible? The new DishtoryApp mixes it all together and makes it possible!

Nothing tells a family’s history like the food they share and the dishes they prepare together, so Ohio natives and longtime friends Chris Kozak and Dan Zawisza created Dishtory. It is the first mobile app to provide a platform for culinary artists, aspiring chefs and home cooks to record, save and share family memories through text, photo, audio, and video -- all in one place -- forever. More than a meal, Dishtory provides sensory memory of the tastes and aromas that deserve to be preserved. 

The inspiration for the user-generated and crowdsourced Dishtory app began with a conversation between co-founder Dan Zawisza and his mother when he was seeking her Christmas sugar cookies that he remembered from childhood to share with his own family.  After playing phone tag, she left him a detailed message describing how to make the coveted cookies. 

“After listening to the voicemail, I thought to myself, I will have this recipe now for the rest of my life and in my mom’s voice,” said Zawisza. “This was a totally new concept, and I want to give everyone the ability to share the same experience.”


Co-founder Chris Kozak, who has family roots in the restaurant business, said, “With smartphone technology, we saw an opportunity for innovation to give everyone the opportunity to record, save and share recipes - from a tasty dish at a backyard cookout to recipes that have been passed down through generations.” 

Dishtory serves up the unique stories behind each dish from the primary source ensuring that family culture and legacy live on in the kitchens of future generations. Unlike written recipe cards, the audio heirlooms cooked up on Dishtory remain and can be shared easily and bring the voice of the distant or departed loved one to life.

During holiday time, it’s a fun, free gift to share with family and friends. The app can provide an original holiday experience at parties -- an interactive activity to share the history and recipes of your family’s distinct and singular dishes. Modern families in various forms are embraced. The app can help recover long lost recipes through technology, provide inherited recipes for adopted children and blended families, offer healthier twists on old-fashioned recipes (e.g. alternative milks, gluten-free, etc.) and so much more.

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DISHTORY is a user-generated and internationally crowdsourced mobile app created in 2021 by Ohio natives and longtime friends Chris Kozak and Dan Zawisza. It is the first app to digitally preserve the memories and stories behind family, food, and culture for future generations through text, photo, audio and video all in one place — forever. The app is available for download free of charge via Google Play or the App Store.

Menu: Visit and follow Dishtory on Twitter @DishtoryApp, Dishtory on Facebook and DishtoryApp on Instagram. Download the free Dishtory mobile app for IOS or Android in the App store.