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Skullcoaster Reminds Others to Listen to the Voice of Their Authentic Selves


Skullcoaster is a sustainable fashion line of wearable art founded by Amy Wilhelm.

Each uniquely created piece encourages its wearer to honor their unique spirit, focus on thoughts that empower themselves and only listen to the voices that inspire, lead, create and support them.

Skullcoaster reminds you to care less about the opinions of others and focus on being who you truly are. This is a strong and powerful message that I support.

This holiday season, give a gift that shows acceptance and encouragement. Give the gift of Skullcoaster as a reminder to someone you love and care about to continue to be who they truly are.

You can find Skullcoaster on our holiday gift guide or click link below to shop.


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About the Creator

Skullcoaster was born from two passions, my love of design and my joy in encouraging people to listen to the voice of their authentic selves. The skull represents your thoughts, and the coaster is the ride you take with them. You choose. Thinking for yourself is essential when the thoughts you think create the life you live.

When I began brainstorming with Steven Myer-Rassow, a talented bespoke graphic designer and incredible photographer, I soon realized his imagery was essential to the brand. His visions of rollercoasters entwined with skulls are poignant representations of the force behind my vision. He gave my ideas form, which in turn gave birth to a new idea. He simply must get royalties. People are attracted to Skullcoaster gear because of his art. For every item they buy, Steven receives a well-deserved percentage of the net profit. My idea to pay royalties to every Skullcoaster designer was born and vehemently embraced as a core foundation of my brand.

I've just started to work with celebrated artist Alloyius Mcilwaine who specializes in freestyle art. Alloyius will take the message and iconography of Skullcoaster and bring to it everything he is as an artist and as a person. What he creates won't be a Photoshop file, something to be paid for and printed like a business transaction. His art will be something unique to the world and will forge new pathways with the powerful intention he brings. I like to think of Skullcoaster Artist Limited Editions as beacons, which are uplifting and encouraging people to think for themselves, be who they are, and create the world they want to live in. 


In creating Skullcoaster, I wanted to do two things. One, share the tips and tricks I've learned (and am learning) to overcome the unworthiness hurdles I've placed on my path throughout the years. Things like the disempowering notion that being a specific size or weight makes you inherently loveable and deserving. As I looked inward, I discovered I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to start believing I could live the life of my dreams with an unshatterable sense of self-worth.


My nature is to uplift others, but I first had to dig deeper to inspire and support myself consistently. In the aftermath of a contentious divorce, Skullcoaster emerged like a flower from a crack in concrete. I discovered I could create something that merged my love of art and fashion while sharing the authentic life tips that are helping me change my mindset from the inside out