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What Is a Master of Arts in Community Psychology and Which Roles Is It Suitable For?

If you want to go out into the world to be able to help people on a professional level, there are many routes you can take. Going into medicine is one big area, is as moving into either training or caring. However, you can also take a similar route throughpsychology. 

Psychology is a highly complex and interesting subject, which to be successful relies on many specific areas of knowledge, and of course, the dedication of the individual who is learning or practicing it. There are also so many potential job opportunities for scholars of this science that there is, as you might expect, something for every kind of person. 

What kind of jobs does a Master of Arts in Community Psychology offer its graduates?

As you would expect, this differs greatly for the individual graduate, and precisely how they went about acquiring the master’s degree. Those who completed an online Master of Arts in Community Psychology course may have taken the opportunity of flexible learning to get some all-important experience in the field, whether that is through an internship or through an entry-level career in the sector. This may have benefitted them greatly, as their combined experience and knowledge will help them out in the future. 

These are some of the jobs that are available to someone with a Master’s of Arts in Community Psychology. 

#1 Teaching 

You could get a career in teaching off to a good start if you hold this degree and some other relevant certification. You are likely to be told that schools will try to snatch you up, either in the hope that you will teach the subject or you will act as a counselor for the institution. This is a huge responsibility and can be a lot of hard work, but it can be very rewarding at the end of the day for yourself and the progress that your pupils will have made. While this is clearly a challenging role, if you are good at working with children, this might be an excellent job for you. 

#2 Social Work 

Going into social work might be more your thing if you are a little bit more interested in educating older people, whether this is working at social clubs as a counselor, helping people recover, or volunteering for something else while you are furthering your career down an even more focused route to really pursue your dream job in another area. There are a huge number of things that you might want to look into that can help those in your community who might be struggling, depending on your personal strengths and what you feel that you would strive in. 

A few final thoughts

There are a lot of job opportunities that a Master of Arts in Community Psychology opens up for its graduates. It might be an excellent course for those that are looking to improve themselves and the people in their community, or to help those within schools and those that might need help the most through counseling and other forms of support.