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5 Reasons to Buy Yourself Jewellery


Jewellery, like flowers, is often seen as a romantic token, or meaningful gift. Partners, parents, and other people that love us buy us jewellery to show us how they feel, or to commemorate a special event or milestone. While we might buy ourselves the occasional fashion piece, to match a specific outfit or to elevate a certain look, for the larger, more meaningful pieces, we wait to be gifted. 

But the world is changing. Why should we wait for someone else to shower us with love? Why can’t we mark our own special occasions, or treat ourselves to things that we love? Buying yourself jewellery can be a powerful statement. Here are five of the reasons why you should do it. 

You Deserve It

We all deserve something special from time to time, and we shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to tell us. You work hard, you have commitments and responsibilities, and you try your best for other people. Rewarding yourself with something beautiful is a great way to boost your mood and confidence and make all your hard work seem more worthwhile. 

You’ll Get Something That You Love

Being gifted jewellery is a wonderful thing, but if we’re honest, most of us have at some point received something that we don’t really love. Or we’ve found ourselves thinking that we’d have chosen something slightly different. When this happens, it’s awkward. We don’t want to seem ungrateful, so we smile and say thank you. When you buy yourself jewellery, you can take your time to explore stores like to find something that you really love

Treating Yourself Can Change Your Mindset

Waiting for other people to validate us, our achievements, our hard work, our love, and our beauty is something that we’re all guilty of doing. When you start treating yourself, you break that cycle. Gifts are still great, but you take that power for yourself. Suddenly, you don’t need someone else to make you feel special; you can do it on your own. This is a very powerful act of self-care, that can make you feel strong, powerful and in control of your own happiness. Even a small, inexpensive piece, can have a big impact. 

You’ll Create a Meaningful Heirloom

Heirlooms are often items of value. However, this value doesn’t have to be monetary; it can be of a more sentimental variety. Buy yourself a piece of jewellery to mark a milestone or event that’s special to you, and you could create a family heirloom to leave behind that tells a part of your story. 

Jewellery Can be a Great Investment

If you are looking to make a purchase that grows in value over time, doesn’t need to be locked away in a safe, but that should be enjoyed, then jewellery is a fantastic option. 

Whether you are buying yourself an expensive item of jewellery, or a more affordable piece, it doesn’t matter. The power comes in simply treating yourself, because you want something that you love, instead of waiting for someone elseto offer up a gift. Getting into the habit of buying yourself jewellery, or even flowers once a week can be a huge act of self-care, whatever the cost.