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Artistscent: Scented Candled Inspired by Artists


Artistscent is a new upscale candle brand that is female founded,  created by fragrance and art experts, family owned and operated and located in New Jersey.


They partner with fine artists,  permanently screen their original art on candle glass and design custom fragrances with them that match each of their paintings creating a true multi-sensory candle experience.  A little something different for that someone that loves beautiful art and great candles.

I received some wonderful products to review including the sample flight which is nine small candle samples for you to check out, so you can see which scents you like before purchasing full size candles.  I must say that they all smell good. One is as nice as the next and the art that they represent is beautiful.

I was also sent a beautiful Artistscent candle called Under Construction. How fitting since I feel like I am still under construction since my surgery last June. The candle has wonderful undertones of sandalwood, warm spice and vanilla extract.

Browse their website,,  for additional information on their collections and company.

Look for Artistscents on my Valentine gift guide.