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Clean and Sanitize Your Jewelry snd Glasses and More with KRX

 Here’s a great gift idea for everyone! Give the gift of KRX, a startup US brand manufacturing professional and innovative Ultrasonic jewelry and accessories cleaning machine. Nowadays when we are out and about with all of the germs and elements, it’s nice to have a quick and easy way to clean our personal jewelry, glasses and other small items. I keep mine on my nightstand so it’s handy. You can pack it up for road trips and RVing. Keep one in the office by your desk.

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KRX Cleaner was included in the Women's Health Mag list of the 80 best Christmas gifts!


More features:

-With the powerful ultrasonic wave vibration of 47,000Hz, easily removes hard-to-reach stains from your valuables without damaging them.

-Smart Touch Control (easy to operate)

-Features 4 selective cleaning modes (120 to 320 s)