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Cookies & Dreams: Big Delicious Stuffed Cookies


Ready for some of the best cookies you’ll ever eat? Cookies & Dreams   an Iowa-based, female-owned cookie company working to smash the pastriarchy (get it?!) one cookie at a time.

These cookies are amazing! They’re substantial in size and loaded with all kinds of deliciousness. I was sent an assortment of flavors and they were all so unique and delicious. I love that they are individually wrapped for freshness.

Just check out some of the delicious flavors available:

  • Poppin Champagne - she's back y'all!! This fan favorite features a pink champagne cookie loaded with white chocolate chips, filled with strawberry cheesecake filling & topped with our signature cookie glaze & sprinkles! πŸΎπŸ“
  • Birthday Suit - I thought you might all disown us when this cookie went back into the vault last year so we brought her back for one month only! Our signature sugar cookie is filled with a funfetti cake ball, baked to a soft & chewy perfection, topped with our signature cookie glaze & more rainbow sprinkles! πŸ₯³
  • Chocolate Wasted - I want to get chocolate wasted! On the daily! This decadent triple chocolate cookie is loaded with white & semi sweet chips, filled with red velvet cheesecake filling & topped with even more chocolate & white chocolate drizzles. 🍫

This is just a few to name. There are so many more.




According to Fundera, the United States has 12.3 million women-owned businesses. That figure is one that Stephanie Sellers — proud owner of Cookies & Dreams — wants to see grow, as she is no stranger to hard work and loves a good lady boss. Her story starts in 1994, when she first started baking with her long time baby-sitter (Mimi). Several local 4-H competitions at the county fair later, and after taking the traditional, college route, Stephanie took her very first entry level job at a bank, just in time for the financial crisis, a mere three weeks later. She created her first business, but with life’s overwhelm, ended up selling it and entering the financial sector. 

It was at the sight of a bright red Kitchenaid mixer that fire was reignited, at which time she opened a bakery and full-blown restaurant/brewery/bar. Life and business was stellar, until...

Until record-breaking flooding that spring, that wiped out businesses left and right, her business included. 

Motivated by the fear of losing everything once again, she racked my brain to think of a solution to get us through the next Midwest winter. The restaurant’s cookies were always the stand-out, so she went all in on her something-sweet, and Cookies & Dreams was born.

Today, Stephanie has three storefront locations in Iowa, with four more on the way — this time in the Chicago-area. She ships her cookies nationwide and has experienced more success than she could have hoped for.


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