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Fun Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Looking for some unique and fun gifts to give your man this Valentine’s Day? I have some great ideas for you ! 

American made polo shirts for men and women, both short and long sleeve, from All American Clothing, King Louie and WSI.

Visit All American Clothing to shop 

Tani Underwear / Tani USA is a successful luxury men's underwear brand that sells online.  Tanistarted selling online in 2015 and today has customers in over 55 countries. Their cozy lounge shorts are buttery smooth and designed for comfort, as are all of their products.

(UNDER $50) The Perfect Boxer Brief - $45
Give him the best boxer briefs he’s ever tried.  Our best seller is made from fabric that is thinner and finer than silk.. Lightweight and naturally breathable, these boxer briefs will keep him cooler, dryer, and more comfortable than any other pair.  Guaranteed.  Available in assorted colors, prints and also available in multipacks
(UNDER $100) Cozy Lounge Shorts- $95
Give him the best boxer briefs he’s ever tried.  Our best seller is made from fabric that is thinner and finer than silk. Lightweight and naturally breathable, these cozy lounge shorts will immediately put you at ease, calm, and relaxed.  Perfect for lounging, sleeping, or hanging around.  Available in navy blue, grey, and sky blue.
(UNDER $150) Soft as Silk Pajamas - $145
Whether you’re sleeping, sipping morning coffee, or lounging around the house, these pajamas are unlike anything you’ve ever felt.  Our men’s pajamas is a modern take on traditional men’s pajamas.  Loose-fitting and so comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing anything. Available in sky blue.

Society Socks Men’s Sock Subscription: 2 pairs of fun socks delivered to their door every month. With every pair of socks sold another pair donated to charity. Such a useful and thoughtful gift with fun colors and designs!


We have the PERFECT gift set for men this Valentine's Day.  I’m not beating around the bush, our men's grooming line is for the every-man... and his nuts.

Most of our line makes a funny yet practical gift for men. Available in gift packs and single items. save 15% with code Chattypatty

Men’s Full Grain Leather Accessories from Trendhim are well made and perfect for gift giving any time.  The Montreal Zip Lined RFID Wallet keeps money and cards secure at all times. It’s well made and very attractive.

The Sasha Black Full Grain Leather Belt is made with a very nice leather and durable nickel free  zinc alloy buckle.  It’s easy to adjust and fit is true to size.

You can find these and other wonderful products at

Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for!  ManBasics features all-natural solutions for men with beards, and really cool gifts in the “wet shaving” category for men who shave.•    

All-Natural Beard Oils – ManBasics beard oils are all-natural, and “inspired” by cocktails featuring scents of Whiskey Old Fashioned (sandalwood, orange, and rosemary essential oils), Mojito (peppermint, lime, and rosemary essential oils), and Fireball (cinnamon, clove, and rosemary essential oils).  We also have beard balms for men with more substantial beards that need a little shaping.•    

Wet Shaving Products – straight razor and safety razors make great gifts for men that are tired of razors with 15 blades on them.  Wet shaving with a single blade product is actually more gentle on your face, and with the addition of a shaving soap and badger hair brush turns a morning “chore” into an experience men look forward to!•    Handcrafted Beer Soaps – quality soaps aren’t just for the ladies.   

ManBasics handcrafted  soaps are made with beer!   Of course, they don’t smell like stale beer and they won’t get you drunk.   The alcohol is boiled during the soapmaking process which leaves behind residual sugars that make for a deeper lather.  Our scents are amazing and not full of “floral” fragrances that turn guys off.

Ekster’s smart accessories are a great gift for anyone that carries a wallet, keys, or a laptop, and a perfect gift for anyone who prefers a more practical Valentine's Day.  They created the first voice-activated trackable wallets which let you check your wallet’s whereabouts on your phone, or with Alexa, Siri, or Google Home- Make any wallet unlosable with our credit card-sized and solar-charged Tracker Card. All of their wallets offer RFID protection, so you know your cards will be safe from the growing risk of skimming and identity theft. They offer minimalist designs, premium materials, and colors to suit everyone.

Is your man highly invested and interested in parties, costume-making, costumes, cosplay and vintage decors?

Medieval Collectibles offers a variety of products from medieval pop collectibles, costumes, weapon replicas, and vintage decor. Their products are very nice quality and make a great gift.

JoyAmo has a special collection of Valentine's jewelry for women and men.

For men's, our super popular Men’s Leather Bracelet With Oval Name Beads. May also be ordered without names.  This bracelet is heavy duty and very well made.

Well Told

Price: Varies

Enjoy your cocktails while relishing the memories of your last vacation with Well Told’s custom-etched drinkware! These one-of-a-kind pieces are etched with Well Told’s signature map designs; choose from college towns, home towns, cities, and topographies around the U.S. and the world. Available in Pint, Wine, and Champagne glasses, plus much more!

I received a set of pint glasses featuring a map of Manhattan. My husband and I love the city and visit it often. This is a nice way for us to toast our love this Valentine’s Day.

Changing Bands Artisan Coin Jewelry are very unique handmade jewelry gifts that are prefect for Valentine’s Day. Rings made from coins. They forge these rings from US and foreign coins for men and women. You can check them out at

These are extra special and they can even do rings in a year that is significant like a birthday or anniversary.