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Give the Gift of Health and Wellness This Valentine’s Day


This winter season, Tropical Fruit Box is ripely stocked with fresh tropical and exotic fruits from around the world, not typically found at a local grocery store, and delivered directly to customers’ doors. It’s definitely not your regular fruit box. Their products offers a thoughtful and flavorful gift of health & wellness that transport to new or nostalgic destinations, with freshness guarantee delivery in the continental U.S.


This is a female-powered small business. The company was literally conceptualized in their Founder’s kitchen!

With exclusive tropical items like aromatic Pink Guava, sweet Yellow Dragon Fruit, versatile Breadfruit, and rare exotic fruits such as crown jewel Mangosteen, creamy Soursop, Star Apple, and many others, all Tropical Fruit Boxes are accompanied by fruitreference cards and authentic recipes by chefs from the fruit’s country of origin. 

Fruit lovers and gift givers can choose from single fruit boxes or curated variety boxes, the most popular, the Create Your OwnTropical and Exotic Fruit Boxes, Pricing ranges up to $189. Our Taste the TropicsFruit Box offers a great variety and value at $99.

They are among exclusive online retailers of the novel Pinkglow™ pineapple, which comes in its own gift box for $39. This pink pineapple is sustainably sourced and grown on a carbon-neutral farm in Costa Rica. It is so sweet and delicious.  It makes a beautiful fruit to create with for Valentine’s Day because of its beautiful pink color. 

Send your loved ones a box of delicious, powerhouse exotic fruits this Valentine’s Day instead of candy.