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I Never Knew Cleaning Ceiling Fan Blades Could Be So Easy


One of the chores I’ve always hated to do is cleaning the blades on my ceiling fans.  I have one in almost every room of my home, and it’s always been a chore to clean them. I’ve also always hated all the dust and debris that falls as I clean them. 

I recently was sent the Blade Butler.  It is an easy to assemble and use ceiling fan blade duster.  It snaps together in 2 pieces and has a bag attached to it that both dusts the top and bottom of my fan blade at the same time, and collects the dust! It is such a game changer for me! No more ladders, dust rags or mess. I love it and recommend it!

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Two realtor friends, Karen and Korri, just launched a new way to clean ceiling fans without getting dust and dirt everywhere called, the BladeButler,

The Blade Butler is designed to reach high and capture the dust that normally falls to the floor while cleaning a ceiling fan. It is 69″ in length, to help you reach most ceiling fans.

The washable microfiber bag captures the dust and saves you time in cleaning only once, keeping dust and debris from falling to the floor or furniture below. Its 28″ length accommodates most fan blades.


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