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Keep Your Fitness Goals On Track with an Actlive Life Subscription Box


Need some motivation to keep you on track for your fitness goals in the new year? Actlive Life is a monthly subscription box for women that sends fitness and motivational goodies to your home.

1. Simply sign up using this link and let them know your current size and fitness goals.

2. Get excited as you await your subscription box that is filled with fitness goodies and motivation to help inspire you to keep on moving.

3. Get your specially curated box and enjoy! You can even share your unboxing with the Actlive Life community by using hashtag #activelifebox

I received a December Actlive Life subscription box that is packed with goodies! Check out my unboxing video to see what awesome items I received:


As moms, we get so caught up in the day-to-day of raising our children that it’s easy to forget we also need to take care of ourselves. 


Working out—even just for 15 minutes—is one of the best ways to help keep you healthier, happier, and ready to positively impact those around you. 



The Actlive Life subscription box is designed for the everyday mom who enjoys being active...or any aspiring active mom! Think of a friend who recently had a baby and who wants to get back into a fitness routine. Or that family member who needs that little extra fitness encouragement. Or maybe it’s that peer or bestie who you love to work out with and just want to say "thank you.” And of course, sending yourself a box is also a great way to treat yourself to a healthy lifestyle!



Within each Actlive Life box we share exercises that don't require weights or special equipment. These exercises can be easily combined with an established fitness routine or they can get you started on your fitness journey. Each month’s box is filled with 5-7 quality items, including fitness apparel and accessories, a gift to share, a tasty treat, workout routines, a 30-day fitness challenge (with a supporting online community) and lots of motivational goodies, too. At least one item will be sourced from a small business!

Choose from 2 different monthly subscription boxes for yourself or as a gift: