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Share a Simple Yet Thoughtful Charcuterie with Your Sweetheart


I find picnics and meals that can be fed to eachother very romantic.  While it may be too cold to picnic outdoors in some parts of the country this Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a romantic picnic-like meal indoors.  

SnapDragon apples has presented this wonderful charcuterie board as the perfect alternative for a romantic evening indoors. SnapDragon apples are not only among the top premium apples to buy in store and bake with, their monster crunch and sweet taste also pair well with charcuterie boards. To create the best Valentine's day, it's not the gift, but the gesture, especially one that creates a romantic evening.  SnapDragon apples are so good that they can even replace crackers to go along with any kind of cheeses, meats, and wine combination. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t always about jewelry, flowers and candy.  For some of us, its about kind gestures and a romantic evening celebrating each other’s love and dedication.