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4 Reasons Why Every Day Should Be Mother's Day


Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the person who raised you and share your gratitude for everything in your life. Unfortunately, it only comes once per year and quickly fades into memory by the following week.

Whether you're celebrating your own mother or the mother of your children, here are four reasons why we should treat every day like Mother's Day. 

Motherhood is a More Than a Full-Time Job

Motherhood is a full-time job for both moms who stay at home with the children and those who work outside the home. No one situation is better or worse than the other. There are struggles with each approach to motherhood, and both are time-consuming and challenging.

What's irrefutable is that motherhood is a full-time job. It's estimated that if a mom was paid market value for the many roles she plays, her annual salary would be $178,000. Moms also tend to take more time off work when their kids are sick and bear the administrative and emotional weight of the family. 

In other words, even if you presented the best Mother's Day gifts every day for a year, you likely wouldn't equate the value of the work she accomplishes. Still, she would appreciate the gesture!

Motherhood Requires Sacrifices

Becoming a mother means making sacrifices— some of which can be recovered, some which can't. Many women have to put their career or travel goals on hold when having children. Fortunately, these are paths that can be revisited someday. She'll make lots of little sacrifices as well, like paying for sports instead of buying herself something. While they seem like small, inconsequential sacrifices, it's a choice to put her children's needs ahead of her own.

Some sacrifices will never be recovered— sleep deprivation impacts mental and physical health during the early years, for example. The sense of safety and security that comes from not worrying about your child's safety and security— because your Mom will always worry about you.

Moms make sacrifices great and small every day, so we should thank her every day. 

Your Mother Did Things for You

When you grow up and move out or have children of your own, you start to realize how much your Mom actually did for you. Yes, cooking supper every night is a pain, but it's also planning supper, buying groceries, cleaning dishes, and so on. Looking back at how much you used to hate doing a simple chore to help out is pretty embarrassing once you have to do everything yourself.

Your Mom drove you where you needed to go, fought with you to wear a coat when it was cold, and even called to make doctor's appointments so you wouldn't have to talk on the phone. For these tasks, we should celebrate Mother's Day every day.


To Celebrate Other Influential Women

It's worth noting that not all biological mothers are great. Many people struggle with Mother's Day because of their tumultuous childhood or broken relationship with the woman who brought them into this world. It's important to understand that Mother's Day is also for celebrating the women who guided you through life in other ways.

Take every opportunity to celebrate this woman who did so much for you and cherish every moment with her. Take the time to show the mother of your children how much you appreciate her sacrifices and hard work. Finally, reach out to the mothers in your life and share your kind words and appreciation with them, and make every day Mother's Day.