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4 Tips for Traveling in 2022


After two years of navigating canceled trips, interrupted trips, and delayed plans, travelers had to deal with another round of canceled flights over the holidays. Now, many families have their sights on traveling again this summer, but traveling in 2022 definitely comes with a lot of “what ifs” for a lot of people, and sometimes, travel (especially overseas) seems far reached.


Even so, many experts are anticipating a huge rebound for travel and tourism starting this summer, specifically in places where they are easing restrictions. Although there may be more opportunities for international travel this summer, most vacationers will probably focus on domestic trips, since there is some risk with testing (while going to your location, but even more so, coming back). If you are eager to get back to traveling this year, here are a few tips for traveling in 2022. I hope these help you!


Figure out travel restrictions

First of all, if you are traveling to a location that you are not 100% familiar with, figure out what their travel restrictions are, if any. For example, right now, Ireland has a PCR test rule for unvaccinated travels (must test negative within 48 hours of arrival time) and vaccinated travelers are able to enter without getting tested. Coming back into the US, everyone (vaccinated or not) must test negative. France, on the other hand, you must be vaccinated to travel. There are rumors that European countries will ease their restrictions starting on February 11th, so no matter where you are going, just stay up-to-date with the newest information and potential restrictions (or not). Figuring out these travel restrictions ahead of time is extremely important so that you know where you can go, and where you cannot go. If you are traveling within the US, you might run into a few restrictions in places such as NYC or LA, but for the most part, there really are not many restrictions at all.


Book your accommodations ahead of time

Pro tip? Book your accommodations ahead of time, so that you don’t have to worry about it close to your trip. Who knows how many people are going to want to travel this summer, and prices might skyrocket (or there might be a lot of booked rentals) because of it. When you look into booking your vacation rental, check out Daniels Realty if you are staying in New Jersey. They offer Diamond Beach vacation rentals and they are really easy to find, clean, and affordable. “Daniels Realty Diamond Beach offers more than 200 vacation rentals in Diamond Beach and Wildwood Crest. Each home is independently owned and graced with distinctive character. As your host, we take pride in the town’s legacy and strive to ensure your experience as our guest is tailored to your individual requests and requirements,” they say.


Stay stress-free during your travels

The best way to stay stress-free during your travels (and the booking process, too) is to just accept that there might be bumps along the way. Know from the outset that anything that goes smoothly is a gift and anything that is challenging is simply the way it is. Don't rush. There are too many details to get right. If there are bumps along the way, relax - you’ve got this! Don’t stress, but instead, take a deep breath and then figure out how to fix the issue(s), without worrying too much. Things happen, especially when it comes to travel in 2022. Roll with the punches and be prepared to change things up along the way and you’ll be okay.


Make sure you have travel insurance

Last but not least, make sure you have travel insurance! As I mentioned, there might be bumps along the way. Play it safe and just get travel insurance. My friend, who is going to Ireland this summer (which is why I know the details of it), purchased travel insurance on her flights for the first time ever. Typically, she doesn’t worry about it, but who knows what will happen. Better to be safe, than sorry. With so much uncertainty in the world today, it’s no wonder that insurance is on everyone’s mind. Insurance offers you protection against the unexpected. Just like auto insurance that protects you if you get into a car accident, or health insurance that covers your medical bills if you get sick, travel insurance is a way to minimize your financial risk when traveling. Travel insurance often gets overlooked or dismissed, but it’s just as important as other types of insurance (when you are traveling, of course). Travel insurance policies can protect you when you experience delays or cancellations, medical emergencies, or even lost or stolen luggage. It offers you peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip instead of having to worry about what might go wrong