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Bendy Figs Releases Wizard of Oz Collection


Year after year, younger generations fall in love with the classic story of The Wizard of Oz. The story of magic, love, family and friendship continues to be celebrated across the globe. The BendyFigs latest collection of Toyllectibles™ brings to life the beloved characters in a new way for kids and the kids at heart!

I received 2 collectibles for review. This new collection is very dear to me.  I’ve always loved the Wizard of Oz.  It’s one of my favorite films of all time, and such a huge part of film history being the first color film. I was always in awe when Dorothy landed in Oz and the door to her home opened and the film went from black and white to color. It was such a wonderful site, and still gives me goosebumps.

These new Bendy Figs are so detailed from head to toe and Dorothy even comes with her little dog Toto, and her basket. Her details are amazing.   The cowardly lion I received has his courage badge and his features are fantastic from his mane to the little bow in his hair.

This set is a wonderful addition to the collection of Toyllectibles™. Each figure is sold separately.



The new line of poseable characters features your favorite characters from the beloved film, The Wizard of Oz; Dorothy, The Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion.  Each intricately crafted bendable 7-inch figure is uniquely sculpted, bringing your favorite animated characters out of screen and into real life! These beloved characters all come with their own unique accessory that we know you’ll love (you didn’t think we forgot about Toto did you?)


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