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Beautiful Religious Woodworks from

With the Easter season upon us and the need for hope for people all over the world from illness, war and famine, it’s so important to strengthen our bonds with God through prayer, meditation and goodness towards others.

Agape Woodwork has beautiful, quality, wood carved spiritual pieces that can be hung in homes, given as gifts and also make nice Easter gifts for priests,  pastors and other religious figures in your life. These wood works contain popular psalms and prayers that inspire us.

I received two beautiful crosses carved with the Lord’s Prayer. There are three versions available in all.  These crosses are so beautiful and are perfect for children’s rooms, so that they can learn and recite the prayer daily.  They also make a beautiful addition to any room in your home. 

I invite you to check out the website, where you will find many beautiful pieces to serve as humble reminders of God’s love for us all.

About Agape Woodwork