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Fill Her Easter Baskets With These 10 Products


You’re never too old to get an Easter basket. In fact, receiving an Easter basket as a “grown-up” is probably more exciting than when you were a child. You're finally getting that pillow spray and face mask that you haven’t had time to get yourself at the store.  

I’ve compiled a list of small stuffers that you can add to any Easter basket below.

I was given the opportunity to try out the wonderful products from Food Story including their Guava Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Cleansing Gel, Moisturizer, Guava Soothing Gel Scrub, Blueberry Revitalizing Cleansing Foam and their assortment of masks. 

These products are wonderful.  The masks have so much hydration to them. I’ve purchased masks in the past from other companies and they seem so dry. These masks come in a variety of different benefits including:

Banana- Moisturizing

Avocado - Nourishing

Pineapple - Glow

Blueberry - Antioxidant

Pomegranate - Renew

Kiwi - Toning

I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that my skin has become dull and dry. The facials scrubs and cleansers and scrubs are perfect for keeping in the shower, and the moisturizer is wonderful for applying in the morning and at bed time. These are sure to keep my skin looking it’s best and I love that they are plant based. You can learn more about Food Story below.  They are available online and at CVS.

Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram!  They have a great giveaway that runs through 4.1.22


Available on Amazon

In between all the Easter egg hunting, we don’t have time to run to the nearest coffee shop. With Subminimal, your barista-quality coffee drinking experience has just been elevated at home. Easily create a superfine microfoam in seconds with the NanoFoamer, the brand’s hero product. Imagine spinning bubbles so small (at 10,000 RPM) they become invisible, with the milk transformed into a liquid velvet texture that blends perfectly with the espresso and crema. It’s impressive and without the need for an expensive espresso machine.

Price: $39+

Take Care Wellness

Sleep is arguably the best gift you could give your friends! A collection of products that prioritize self-care from the mind of macro-influencer, Genese Jamilah. A small-batch essential oil blend in a luxurious glass bottle that helps settle your mind and lull you to sleep. You deserve it. Simply spray 2 - 3 mists over the pillow and linens before bedtime and you’re in for a full night's rest!

Price: $10.00

Cloth + Bristle

Convenience is the key to a great product. Cloth + Bristle is here to deliver their all-natural cleaning solution straight to your doorstep. Fill their baskets with a subscription to Cloth + Bristle’s products! The products are non-toxic, and a must for those that want to be more eco-conscious. In our COVID-19 environment, germs don’t stand a chance with this brand’s multi-purpose cleaner that disinfects without causing any harm to your home, your families, your pets, or the environment. Don’t let the pink aesthetic fool you. It’s gentle on surfaces yet tough on grime and bacteria.

Price: $15.95+


Available on Etsy

Don’t know what to get your travel buddy? Cincha is the gift they’ll get the most use out of! The Cincha Travel Belt is designed with a nylon strap and vegan leather accents, an elastic fitter to reduce extra slack, and a quick-release metal buckle to secure your personal bag to your luggage! Plus you can add your monogram, with 18 colors to choose from. Click it, cinch it, and off you go. The brand is dedicated to reuniting families and recognizes the persistent migrant crisis in our country by donating 100 airline miles per travel belt purchased to Miles4Migrants to help reconnect migrant families.

Note: they will be donating 20% of profits of their limited-edition ‘Comadre Travel Belt’ for Women’s History Month to organization that strives to support women of color and their mental health.

Price: Starting at $35

Oh It’s Natural

Oh It’s Natural is an organic and refreshing brand that changes how you love your adult skin. Their Discovery Kit is the perfect thing to throw in an Easter basket, with all their mini products packaged together in a cute pouch to gift to a friend. Plus, all the products are cruelty-free and vegan (no bunnies getting hurt here). All feature USDA-certified organic ingredients such as hemp seed oil and aloe vera superfoods. The brand’s clean remedy boosts skin’s health and provides a lasting glow for our complexions. It’s the better-for-you way to address adult acne, hyperpigmentation, and other common skin conditions simply and effectively. 

Price: Starting at $15.99

Food Story

Available in CVS stores

Stuff your Easter baskets with face masks they will love! Harvested from the very best the Earth has to offer, Food Story takes “you are what you eat” to the next level. They strictly exclude any harsh chemicals and stick to natural, plant-based formulas to protect you and the environment. Choosing fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, Food Story’s wide variety of products takes you back to your roots.

Price: $7.99+

Bell’s Cookie Co.

Don't forget the cookies! Nostalgic tastes are one of the main reasons for the creation of Bell’s Cookie Co. Now they are on a mission to be the number one choice for cookies and sweet treats. Their cookies are already the pride of Washington, recently voted the best in the state, but you don’t have to live there to enjoy these perfectly crunchy and gooey creations. The family-owned cookie shop delivers nationwide with their cookies individually wrapped to remain fresh and boxed to never arrive crumbled. With 12 traditional and unique flavors, you’ll just have to try them all to see your new favorite. 

Price: One Dozen Cookies $36, Box of 8 Cookies $28


Available on Amazon

Do they have a sweet tooth? Fill your baskets with Tamalitoz by Sugarox! This brand carries a fiery, fierce candy inspired by the sweet taste of Mexico! It’s a ribbon-style candy, filled with a mild chili lime seasoning with a unique origin story. It all started in a tiny candy store in Mexico City. Husband & husband team, Jack and Dec, wanted to come up with a unique blend of flavors that represented both of them. With the tangy flavors of Mexico and traditional sweetness from Britain, Tamalitoz was born. All their flavors are naturally flavored and colored. Nothing artificial here. Try all 10 sweet and tangy flavors! Find them in Michael's across the country, as well as Walmart and online on Amazon. 

Price: $3.99

Mark T. Wendell Tea Co.

Tea is always a good idea, with a fresh and fruity spring flavors that are always in season! We all know drinking tea is good for your health, but it can be hard to know which types to try out. Let Mark T. Wendell Tea Co. help you out on your tea drinking journey. Since 1904, Mark T. Wendell has been synonymous with superior taste and coveted luxury tea blends. That promise started with the original owner, Mark Wendell, and it hasn’t changed in the past 50 years, with new generations carrying on the legacy. 

Price: Varies

Edx Education 

Available on Amazon

For your friend with a little one! Edx Education carries tons of great toys from 18 months to 5 years. There’s definitely something for every type of child and with Edx Education, these toys are both fun and educational. Your mom friends will definitely appreciate you for this type of gift! Their toys encourage kids of all ages and backgrounds to develop their natural interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Price: $35.89+

Im adding one more product that I know she will love. Congo Organic Dark Chocolate has 70% Cacao.  It’s delicious and good for you!  Did you know that pure chocolate stimulates the heart and has a vasodilation effect that reduces blood pressure? It also promotes serotonin that leads to nerve signals that promote happiness and well-being.  I’ve never seen anyone eat chocolate and be mad. I received product to try and the bars are so delicious.  I’m a dark chocolate person.  I prefer it to any other. These are also great for melting and dipping fruit.

Congo Tropicals: Organic Dark Chocolate 

Price: $15.99 (40 g)- $18.99 (100 g) 

Nothing hits better than chocolate and gossip! Curb your desire for the latest gossip and your sweet tooth with Congo Tropical’s dark chocolate. Made in Costa Rica using the finest cacao beans, it is a great treat to satisfy any craving. Perfect for all chocolate lovers in your life! The Congo Organic Dark Chocolate is perfectly balanced sweetness and bitterness with 70% cocoa dark chocolate.