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Is It Time to End Your Marriage?



When you get married, divorce is likely the last thing that crosses your mind. Instead, you will be looking to the future with your new spouse and excited for what that might bring. While everyone hopes for a happy marriage that will last, the reality is that things can change, and sometimes your relationship doesn’t turn out the way that you had envisioned it to be. 

Marriage, just like any relationship, will come with its ups and downs, and it will take work if you want to get through these rocky patches and come out even stronger. However, if you feel that you have exhausted all of your options and things still aren’t working between you, it might be time to accept that it’s over and move on. Below are a few signs that it might be time to end your marriage for you to be happier in the long term.

You Keep Having the Same Fight with No Resolution

Couples bicker, that is a perfectly natural part of being in a relationship, but some arguments are more significant than others and can be hard to come back from. If you and your partner appear to be having the same fight or fights over and over again, and a resolution seems to be beyond your reach even if you have seen a couple’s counselor or tried other avenues to help matters, it might be time to call it quits. If you can’t get past these issues together, this is likely a sign that your values do not match and you’re simply are no longer compatible. 

You No Longer Trust Your Spouse

Trust is essential to any healthy relationship, and if this is broken beyond repair or has never been there to begin with, it will only lead to unhappiness. It might be that your spouse was unfaithful, or perhaps they have lied to you about financial issues or something else that has left you feeling hurt, confused, and angry. If you are always wondering whether you can believe whether or not your partner is being truthful to you, this is not a good place to be in for your mental and emotional well-being. If you can’t seem to rebuild this trust, it might be time to walk away so that you can both move on and find happiness with other people. If you do need a divorce attorney, simply search terms such as how do I file for divorce in Denver, or whichever location is relevant to you.

You Feel Unsafe in the Marriage

Abuse comes in many forms, and the last person it should come from is someone that you love and is supposed to love you back. Abusive relationships are very complex, and victims of abuse might take some time to accept and admit that they are in this position, and even when they do, walking away isn’t always simple. However, if you do feel unsafe in your marriage in any way, your well-being needs to get out. If you are suffering abuse in your marriage, you can reach out to specialist support hotlines and centers for advice, and speak to a trusted friend or relative to help you take the steps to get out of this marriage safely. Contact the police if you need to and feel safe to do so.

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, it could be time for you to end your marriage to move forward into a happier chapter in your life.