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Recycling Hacks for Global Recycling Day (3/18)


This Global Recycling Day (3/18), TheSoul Publishing – an award-winning publishing co. behind one of the top five YouTube channels, 5-Minute Crafts, (69M subscribers and 140M+ social followers) – is sharing some of their must-try household recycling hacks!

Give old household items a new purpose with the following helpful hacks:
  • Old Sweater Sleeve Turned Wine Sleeve: Have an old sweater laying around? Quickly and easily turn it into a festive wine sleeve! Simply cut the sleeve off the sweater, turn it inside out, and sew the cut end closed. Turn the sleeve right side out, place the bottle inside, tie closed with a ribbon, and there you have it – an easy to make and decorative wine sleeve!
  • Soap and Sponge Hack: Upgrade dish cleaning with this hack! Simply cut the top and bottom off an empty water bottle, poking holes in the bottom. Hot glue the top of the bottle into the bottom, then hot glue to your sponge. Fill wish dish soap, and wash dishes with the ease of an automatically soapy sponge!
  • Towel Tote Bag: Turn an unwanted towel into a useful tote bag with ease! Fold your towel in half inside out and sew shut on the bottom, left, and right leaving the top open. Next, using a smaller towel, cut out two handles and sew onto the top of the larger towel. Flip your towel right side out and you have a functional tote bag!
  • Find a lot more of TheSoul’s helpful recycling hacks linked here!