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Brands for Kids and Babies You Will Love


From flavored bubbles to kid-friendly, non-toxic cosmetics and OEKO-TEX Certified mattresses made for kids, there's a lot here that your little one will love!


Bubble Universe BubbleLick Variety Pack

Price: $34.99

Bubble Universe is the company with premium BubbleLick flavors that are super fun, tasty, and the safest bubble solution ever made, so safe you can lick them! Bubble Universe uses USA made, food-grade, USP, FDA-approved ingredients that taste so good, with four flavors: Milk Chocolate Chip, Juicy Watermelon Splash, Glazed Cinnamon Roll, and Carnival Cotton Candy!

Review*** I love these bubbles! I was first introduced to them at a toy show in NYC and was immediately in love. Who doesn’t want to catch flavored bubbles on their tongue? These fun, non toxic bubbles come in so many delicious flavors. Which is your favorite?



Puttisu Lip Glosses & Lip Crayons

Lip Gloss: $18.00 & Lip Crayon: $16.00

Moisturize lips with high-gloss, longer-lasting vibrant colors, such as fruity-scented Pink Bubblegum and Red Ruby. Hypoallergenic and moisturizing Butter Lip Crayons with easy-to-use dial sticks, perfect for little hands, in Coco Cherry and Pink Lemonade. 

Review** These adorable beauty products are designed especially for little ones. Little children want to be like their parents in so many ways. The lip pencil is a nice substantial size and is safe non staining, lightweight and has such a pretty shiny color. The lip gloss is the perfect accompaniment. It has a high gloss color and is made with kid safe ingredients. I love that it has natural extracts to soften lips. The scent is wonderful!


Puttisu Candy, Macaron, and Snow Cone 3-Color Nail Art Kits

Price: $40.00 each

Three popular nail polishes in each kit. Water-based, non-toxic, and easy to peel off. Each comes in a cute and protective keepsake tin case. Safe to use on children’s and pregnant women’s nails. 

Review*** These nail polishes are adorable and I love that the color can be peeled off. I received the beautiful macaron set which features Twinkle Milky Pink, Sparkling Dress and Twinkle Rose.  The bottles have the most adorable characters on their lids.


Puttisu’s Sun Cushion Sunscreen 

Price: $30.00

Kids can have fun applying sunscreen with this sun cushion, and no more messing with mom's makeup! Physical/Mineral sunscreen for a child's delicate skin with SPF 50+.

Review*** This safe baby mild sun cushion sun screen is so convenient to keep in baby’s diaper bag or mommy or daddy’s bag. It has a very mild, pleasant scent with UVB and UVA protection. It is also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. I love the little pad to apply the sunscreen. It’s so delicate for baby’s skin. The compact design with mirror and applicator and pop up lid is so smart.



Komuello Baby Shoes

Price: $32.00-$34.00

Eliminating lost socks and shoes, Komuello keeps tiny feet covered in comfort. Meet the most innovative-designed baby footwear that combines a sock and a shoe in an easy pull-off and pull-on design. These baby shoes are breathable, machine washable, non-slip, and BPA free. Great for indoor, outdoor and at the pool/beach. Breathable. Slip Resistant. 100% TPE Recyclable.


Little LuuF Mattress

Price: $549.00

When it comes to your child's mattress, you want to ensure it's made from nothing but the best and safest materials, and we’re not taking any chances! The Little LuuF mattress is designed at only the highest standards. All of their foams are CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® Certified ensuring no harmful off-gassing, VOCs or toxins enter your child’s bedroom.