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Celebrate Earth Day Year-Round with these Eco-Friendly Brands ♻️

Earth Day is April 22nd, while we love to celebrate our planet and the initiatives that work to protect our planet on this day, the brands below truly embody this sustainable spirit year-round! 

Whether you’re looking for reusable products, cruelty-free materials, plant-based ingredients and more, we’ve got you covered with these eco-friendly brands that are worth celebrating! 

Home & Lifestyle 

Rooted Pots

Price: $26.95-$82.49

These gorgeous pots are 100% 3D printed, cutting down on unnecessary waste and promoting sustainable manufacturing practices. Going beyond just a standard flower pot, Rooted Pots pays tribute to everything that makes Black people amazing. Focused on the features that society has tried to minimize and shame, these Afrocentric planters bring much needed black representation and celebration to your life. Each design is customizable to fit your style and vision. Add earrings, necklaces, and nose rings to any pot, like Onileola, and even paint the DIY option to fully represent yourself. A beautiful and artistic way to elevate any home and workspace. 

Splish Splash Handmade Products

Price: Varies

Small batch and vegan aromatherapy never felt so good! Splish Splash Handmade Products are made with all-natural ingredients and formulated for those with sensitive skin to create a hand-picked at-home spa experience. The founder was inspired by the Hammam Spa culture, a traditional bathing and cleansing ritual from her Moroccan heritage. She creates soap, loofahs, bath bombs, massage bars, lip balms and much more. All products are made in Vancouver and are cruelty-free, vegan, paraben free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free.


Price: Varies

Protect your lips from wrinkles while minimizing plastic waste with this reusable straw and tumbler! Ever wonder how some people always have luscious, healthy, and young-looking lips? Well, there’s a safe and all-natural way to achieve just that and it doesn’t take a trip to a doctor’s office! It all has to do with how you use a straw. Introducing LipSips, the reusable food-grade silicone device that prevents lip wrinkles. Attach it to any drinking straw and enjoy a better way to drink your favorite beverages.

PureWine - The Phoenix® 

Price: $59.99 $49.99

The Phoenix® is the only reusable wine purifier and aerator to remove both histamines and sulfites from wine as you pour. You can use The Phoenix® on every bottle of wine as you pour. Simply replace the Bio-Pod™ cartridge after enjoying each bottle of wine. Alleviates wine headaches, stuffy nose, skin flushing and next-day hangovers while enhancing the natural taste, aroma and color of the wine. We'll cheers to that!


Price: Varies

Jack59 crafts sustainable shampoo and conditioner bars using high-quality ingredients, natural botanical extracts, and the best bubble makers on the market. Their products are plastic-free, sulphate-free, silicone-free, vegan and have gluten-free options. Since they started, Jack59 has prevented over 500,000 plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill.

Family & Parenting


Price: Varies

Unlike other baby apparel, Kyte BABY has the softest baby and adult pajamas that are economically sourced out of bamboo! Bamboo is three degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic. Award-winning, celebrity-loved, sleep bags and baby apparel!  The fabric itself also promotes the smart use of resources and sustainability. Bamboo is the best choice for your baby and for the planet’s future, and this way of thinking is evident in every aspect of Kyte BABY! The founder’s daughter suffered from infant eczema and she needed comfortable clothing for her at night time for her sensitive, itchy skin, bamboo’s buttery soft fabric was the best answer for her baby girl! She invested in and created Kyte BABY for all babies, and mommies too! Recently featured in Forbes and by A-lister Jessica Alba on her Clean Baby Registry List: Poosh!

Earth Baby 

Price: Varies

Committed to using certified organic fruit and vegetable-based ingredients, Earth Baby’s products are non-toxic, gentle, and effective on baby skin, hair, and body. Earth Baby products provide immediate moisturization and superior hydration, emollient oils and vitamins with a time-controlled release, and dramatically reduced need for high levels of UV filters. They also have a best-selling, moisturizing, organic, hand-sanitizer for even children’s hands! Founded by a grandmother, mother, and orphan, Earth Baby’s founder donates 1% of all sales to two incredible organizations (Preface Project Foundation and Folded Flag Foundation) that build a better tomorrow and impact our community by fostering opportunities for the next generation as a token of gratitude to those that helped her along the way.


Sun Patch

Price: $26.00-$49.00

Sun Patch is the only peel-and-stick UPF+ silicone sunblock on the market (UPF measures the amount of radiation that can penetrate fabric to reach your skin). Think of it as an accessory to your sunscreen. The patches feel like a second skin and have a California vibe that’s irresistible. They are also reusable, eco-friendly and nontoxic to oceans! They look like cool neon stickers in bright colors, with neutral options coming soon. Founder Gena was a mom looking for a solution to applying and reapplying suncare products on her kids, eliminating the fuss and mess. She also wanted protection and anti-aging benefits for herself too. The more she talked with other moms, the more she realized she had the perfect background to launch a sunblock brand. Hence, Sun Patch was born.

The Good Stuff Botanicals - Cherry Berry Collection  

Price: $96.00

The Good Stuff Botanicals uses 100% plant-based and wildcrafted ingredients in all of their products. When the first sign of spring appears, it's like a breath of fresh air, isn't it? You do a little happy dance and can't help but smile! Your skin feels this too. The days of being beaten up with cold, dry air are coming to an end, soon to be replaced with higher humidity and warmer, sunnier days. Sunburns are usually associated with trips to the beach in the height of the summer months, not during the cooler days of spring. In actuality, UV rays are more intense in the spring, we just might not realize it because it's still not that warm yet. When the angle of the sun becomes more direct, UV radiation strengthens which is happening between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Thus presenting a very real threat to our skin. So how do we support our skin through that? Answer: Cherries and Berries!

*****my review*****

I received a sample of the Good Stuff Gypsy Cream. This stuff is great! I have extremely dry skin on my legs, back and feet, and this product works wonders on them. It is made with Hemp seed oil and mineral water, and has a very light scent. It is good for lots of different skin irritations, such as sunburn, eczema, rosacea and so much more. The cream is not sticky or heavy and rubs nicely into skin. It makes my irritations and dryness feel soothed and softened.

Kubra Kay Skincare

Price: $9.99-$45.00

Get springtime ready with Kubray Kay’s nourishing and soothing Razor Relief. If you tend to suffer from dry, irritated skin every time you shave, this is the product for you. The product is great for moisturizing the skin and preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Kubra Kay Skincare is focused on the idea of skin minimalism and only using ingredients that will actually benefit you. Natural ingredients with no added parabens or comedogenicos. The lightweight moisturizer is made from Tea tree oil, safflower oil, baobab oil, mixed fruit extract, grapeseed oil, orange oil, and Tumeric!

Terrakai Skin 

Price: Varies

High-end skin-care collections that will bring the spa to your home daily! Terrakai Skin has ingredients that are native to Australian regions! Their Australian botanical ingredients are sourced solely from where the botanical ingredient comes from, which is why customers will pay for their skincare! They sustainably harvest the most potent, resilient botanicals, from Kangaroo Paw to Kakadu Plum to Snowflower, and add in high quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen to create super serums to make your skin plump, hydrated and glow. The thoughtful design that underpins every Terrakai Skin formulation allows us to tick all the boxes on our founding mission: Environmentally conscious, 100% vegan, and high-performance. With 25 products to choose from, you will find a line perfect for your skin type!

*****my review*****

I was sent some products to try and I am loving the results. The Hyaluronic Acid snd Quandong Cleansing Gel, and the Hyaluronic Acid and Native Snow Flower Moisturizer both work so wonderfully together. My skin feels so soft and clean. The products are very gentle to my skin and the fragrance is light and pleasant. The moisturizer absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any stickiness

Suki Skincare

Price: Starting at $7

 Suki Skincare is your beauty essential skincare line.  Not only are their products organic, skin-brightening, skin hydrating and anti-aging, Suki knows how to meet each cycle in your life and how your skin reacts to each cycle, which is why Suki treats your skin differently at different stages of its life.  Suki has the right routine for your skin cycle. Suki is your best friend when it comes to finding the right skincare treatment. No matter what stage your skin is in, Suki has a plan for you! What works for a new mom, for instance, doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of menopausal women or a woman fighting cancer. The brand understands the cycle of a woman's skin and celebrates every stage in her life. They explain that it’s more than too much oil or tons of dryness. We must understand the hormonal shifts and other bodily changes associated with age and environmental factors. It all matters and helps determine the correct skin cycle.

Momotaro Apotheca

Prices: Starting at $24

Momotaro Apotheca is a certified organic vulvovaginal wellness product line. It’s plant-based ingredients safely support the body's natural ability to self-regulate and help it heal itself without interfering with hormones, pH levels, or pheromones. They are a proactive sexual self-care line designed to address common yet uncomfortable vulvovaginal issues such as itching, infection, or general irritation. Think of it as your go-to, must-have in the bathroom cabinet at all times when it comes to the health and comfort of your outside vaginal area. The brand provides gentler, more effective products that address the physical and psychological issues associated with sexual health. Their number one seller is their Salve! It’s sexual wellness at your fingertips. The salve naturally addresses bacterial vaginosis and pH imbalance! A comforting and powerful balm made with echinacea, tea tree and calendula that all soothes symptoms of infection, pain, & itching. Featured in Forbes, Medium and Byrdie

My Review

As I am going through menopause, and with my thyroid disease, my skin gets so uncomfortably dry and itchy, and even looks scaly, especially on my legs. I really wanted to give this a try. I was so pleased with the results immediately. These oils are light and don’t have heavy perfume scents. They feel so light and comfortable on my skin. My legs look and feel so much better. Now I don’t have to feel embarrassed when I go to the physical therapist for my knee. I was always so self conscious about how dry my legs were. I can honestly say that my legs haven’t looked so smooth in a long time. I’m excited to continue using this. I’ve been using the Body Oil and Tonic.

Baesix Limited

Price: Varies

"Baesix (/ˈbasics/) is your vegan, organic, cruelty-free, inclusive & eco-responsible simple, skincare routine for happy skin everyday! Baesix skincare is ONLY SIX steps to healthier skin! The “BAE” means “Before Anyone Else” - meaning love yourself first then others will fall in love with you too; and the “SIX” stands for the six simple steps to follow for glowing, healthy skin! Baesix developed their unique formulas from scratch in Korea with a focus on healthy hydration and bioactive nourishment. They use 100% organically certified bamboo in their products. As one of nature’s richest sources of silica; bamboo extract is known to stimulate the production of collagen, loaded with antioxidants that combat free radicals, and boasts potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Not only are the products AMAZINGLY good for your skin, but the packaging is AMAZINGLY good for our planet! Their packaging is either biodegradable or 100% recyclable. Their bottles are made from corn starch and bamboo, their tins are aluminum, their paper is FSC certified and refills sachets are made from sugarcane!

ShareASale merchant ID: 120212


Price: $19.99 - $39.99

Premium and sustainable skincare that's actually affordable! Auraïha is a fresh, fun, eco-friendly brand that bridges the gap between drugstore offerings and luxury-priced options found at popular retailers like Sephora. The clean beauty products are free from any harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, and synthetic fragrances and are cruelty-free and EWG-verified. They proudly use sustainable packaging that is recyclable, reusable, and zero-waste, with non-toxic labeling ink and biodegradable adhesives. Simple and to the point, Auraïha enhances your natural beauty in under five minutes and cultivates a relationship between skin and overall wellness in line with the “skin first” movement.

My Review

I’m obsessed with the Auraiha Mist and Set Spray! I am an avid user of face sprays and love to spritz my face throughout the day. It helps to moisturize my face and feels great after applying my makeup. This one has papaya and hydrating elixir and feels so nice on my face. I also love the glass face brightening serum. I apply it after washing and lightly drying my face and it gives me a beautiful natural glow.

O'o Hawaii

Price: $24.00 - $475.00

Skincare that's just as kind to your skin as it is to mother earth! O’o Hawaii is a cruelty-free and sustainable line that ensures that the natural resources of its ingredients are preserved and protected. The brand focuses on keeping things simple to achieve its ultimate beauty goals of healthy, glowing skin from the inside out.  At the root are antioxidants grown in Hawaii’s nutrient-rich, volcanic ash soil, exclusive Triple Boosting Complexes™, and real crystals from nature. All products are non-GMO, vegetarian and cruelty-free with reusable packaging. The brand's integrative skincare is made to enrich skin by giving it the nutrients needed for anti-aging and protection against harsh environmental hazards of daily life, such as UV damage. Founder Holly Harding is an expert in integrative nutrition and realized the disconnect between internal nutrition and external skincare. So, she created a line with both skincare and oral supplements. For every online sale, O'o Hawaii donates $1.00 to the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center Discovery Forest program.

Available on Amazon, SkimLinks, and QVC. Also sold at Free People 

Butter & Me

Price: Varies

Ditch those plastic body wash containers with ingredients you can't even pronounce! Butter & Me takes what’s most important in bath and body products and uses a minimalistic approach in simplified plastic-free versions. The brand’s mission is to help consumers avoid using plastic containers and materials by making multi-purpose products with amazing benefits in a bar format. From head to toe, enjoy 100% plant-based active ingredients that are simple and effective. Products are great for the travel-bound with the ultimate convenience and space savings. There are no more than five core ingredients in each product, all vegan and cruelty-free.

G&B Pro

Price: $129

Whether you are a freelance stylist traveling the globe or work exclusively in your neighborhood to be a “house call hero,” having your tools safe and secure is essential to your reputation. G&B PRO Mobile Stations gives stylists all the support they need to better serve their clients. Promoting a culture of professionalism and fun while providing stylists with the necessary tools for mobile grooming is vital in everything G&B PRO does. Each G&B PRO product is made from ethically sourced materials and never tested on animals. G&B PRO knows the modern stylist needs something that fits their lifestyle and values, which is why they are committed to keeping them mobile while being environmentally friendly.



Price: $16.00-$34.00

Boob-Eez are made from silicon and are reusable. When your product has reached its lifespan, send them back to the company through its recycling program and they’ll give you 20% off your next purchase! Whether you’re a no-bra girl, a bra-with-no-padding girl, or a sports-bra girl - life is too short to feel uncomfortable with your own body. Boob-eez lets you live freely and exactly as you want. The idea for their pasties was born when founder Carlie Christenson was just nine years old! She felt uncomfortable about her developing body and the changes she was going through. After refusing to wear any kind of bra and seeing all the covers and products her Mom had, Carlie wanted something that got the job done while still feeling good in her skin. Find your perfect size and shade on their website, along with other apparel options to feel free in the skin you’re in. Available through their website and through SPANX as an endorsed product.


Price: $160

Save space in your luggage and stress in the packing process by packing the ultimate One Piece from REVVV Swim. In a world of swimsuits that are either way too sporty for hanging out in the sun or too fashion-orientated for secure laps in the water, REVVV Swim is encouraging women to not compromise on what they want and need. Made out of 100% recycled Italian fabrics and designed and made in NYC, the recycled fabric supports an on-the-go lifestyle with the 100% recycled nylon’s 4-way stretch, wrinkle-free material, and quick-dry technology.

Camas Lilly Co.

Price: Varies

No matter the occasion, you deserve to feel special and honor your femininity with timeless and sustainable robes from Camas Lilly Co. The brand has entirely committed itself to designs that are actually good for the environment. By strictly using deadstock, they are saving landfills from hundreds of pounds of fabric by turning them into gorgeous robes. On top of their promise to preserve the beauty in nature, they are also embracing the beauty in women everywhere. By engaging in slow fashion and producing small batches, they have the ability to be inclusive to all sizes by providing beautiful robes that fit women from X-Small to 3X-Large. Plus, part of every purchase is donated to local animal rescue shelters in Los Angeles. No matter what, Camas Lilly is honoring you, Mother Nature, and everything she provides.

Urban Originals

Price: Varies

Urban Originals creates drop-dead gorgeous bags that are Uber practical, without using any animal leather. The brand is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Urban Originals uses the finest quality vegan leathers and recycled materials where possible and works to very low chemical requirements. So when you buy Urban Originals, you can feel as good as you look.

Empty Provisions Footwear

Price: $135.00 - $155.00

Your go-to sandals for years to come. No need to continue buying cheap sandals that only last one season! Empty Provisions Footwear is an ethical line of footwear that is committed to designing and producing items that are sustainable, comfortable, and stylish. After noticing a gap in the market for shoes that are modern, cute, and durable while being kind to the environment, founder Chrissy Durden sought to create a brand that followed these goals and ideals. Every shoe is designed in Somerville, MA and crafted by hand in small batches in central Maine with the materials also being sourced locally. Since less than 1% of shoes in the U.S. are made here, they take great pride in their partnership with local New England craftspeople to support their businesses. Sourcing and crafting locally also means Empty Provisions is minimizing their carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions. All while stimulating the local economy.

Check out my review of the beautiful Empty Provisions sandals I received, by visiting my National Picnic Day Must Haves post.