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Eddie - the Edible Ink Printer


There is a new printer in town, Eddie – the Edible Ink Printer.  The first-and-only NSF International and GMP-certified inkprinter allows you to add photos, graphics, logos and personal messages to cookies, macarons, marshmallows, lollipops, white chocolate toppers and other sustainable foods. The printer helps eliminate hand piping, frosting sheets or edible printer paper.

Eddie prints one cookie in 10 seconds or 12 in 2 minutes – maximizing profit margins. The printer uses a carousel feeder that rotates the food item into position, while the printer pulls in one product at a time, before printing on them, then putting the cookies back on the carousel. Eddie uses an automatic process, no drying time needed, treats are ready for sale immediately.

For those who don’t bake, you can purchase pre-frosted cookies.

Look at the awesome cookies that were made for me, using the Eddie- Edible Ink Printer!  This is seriously going to take the market by storm.  Just think of how useful this could be for fund raisers, wedding favors, party favors, graduation, business ventures. The possibilities are endless.

You can learn more about Eddie the Edible Ink Printer by visiting: