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Inspirational Gifts of Relaxation to Give this Mother’s Day

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Alabaster Co.

Price: Varies $28-$500 based on individuals to sets, along with other items available

Give her a gift that will help grow her faith. Alabaster recreates the writings of the Bible into a modern version with aesthetically pleasing art books with vivid imagery and modern designs to encourage you to incorporate the readings into your regular routines. It’s an experience like no other! These are heirloom-quality gifts you will feel proud to give. Notebooks, prayer candles, devotionals, topical books, bundles, and accessories are also all offered.

My review:

These books are so beautiful I love to read the Psalms and the creative imagery in the book adds to the experience. This makes such a wonderful gift to give to family or clergy, especially at Easter time.

See my video:

*Sustainability is just as important to the brand - Printed at one of Canada’s most environmentally friendly printing factories, creating books of the utmost quality using sustainable materials. Every book published is 100% carbon neutral. Additionally, their packaging is made from 35% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Available on: Amazon

Tropilex Hammocks

Give a truly relaxing gift with a well made hammock stand from Tropilex.  These beautiful hammocks can be placed anywhere you want to relax. Just add your single, double or family hammock to your yard and rest easy in your own environment.  Hammocks are also great for vacation properties.

Lev Baby 

Price: $11.00-$64.00

What better bonding is there than the whole family wearing matching PJs?! Making Clothes That Make Memories - Lev Baby was founded by a mom of five boys who knows the importance of cherishing each moment with your baby. Designers of the softest, high-quality bamboo baby and toddler attire, including the cutest PJs and clothes for spring, received the 2021 Earnie Award for New Brand. It’s a photo opp waiting to happen. With their game-changer Poppy footie pajamas, converting from footie to romper with flaps that ‘pop’ on and off the foot, Lev Baby is the brand to get to know! Unbelievably soft, ultimately stylish, the Mama Loungewear is the perfect Mother’s Day gift! 

Also available on Amazon


Price: 5 Models Ranging from $449 - $1,099

A stroller from Joolz is the perfect splurge gift for mom.. Especially since the design grows with your baby! This luxe Joolz Day+ Stroller is perfect-- easy on the eye and easy to use! This designer stroller is smart, comfortable and future proof. It features a comfortable design & adapts to suit every kind of parent and is easy to use with one hand. It even includes LED lights to improve visibility for night owls. As you’ve come to expect, it’s a smooth ride and it still looks like a champ. Plus with its lifetime warranty, the iconic Joolz Day+ is perfectly smart. Joolz is an award-winning, parent-approved company at the forefront of positive design and functionality, currently making five models of strollers with unique features to fit different lifestyles. 

*For parents always on the go, the Aer Stroller weighs only 13.4 lbs, has a one-handed quick fold, is made with premium, eco-friendly fabric, and has an extra-large sun hood rated UPF 50+.

For each stroller purchased, they plant a tree, making it an even better eco-conscious purchase. 

Available on: Amazon, Nordstrom, BuyBuyBaby

Make Her Life Easier 

Alya & Co. - Vacuum

Price: $60

The Ayla Vacuum by Ayla & Co. is the product every mother needs- it’s even small enough to fit inside most purses (or purchase the Ayla & Co. diaper bag where it fits in perfectly)! The Ayla vacuum is the trendy and efficient new way to clean at home, work, or traveling. A lightweight cordless vacuum that looks like a chic water bottle and easily fits in your bag, it’s a parent’s lifesaver and designed by parents to make life easier. It takes the mess, and the chaos, out of everyday events for a quick cleanup wherever it happens. 

Alya & Co.

Price: Full Size Bag $199 / Mini $134 / Fanny Pack $74 / Vacuum $60

Help mom start her Ayla & Co. collection with a diaper bag, mini bag, fanny, or vacuum! 

Meet Ayla & Co., makers of parent-friendly diaper bags with simplicity and style. It’s a complete system aimed at today’s parents with gender-neutral designs and the flexibility to be their best companion. 

*​​Check out the full collection that also includes mini bags and fanny packs, which are always great for traveling! The Ayla Battery Power Bank is the perfect addition to any of your Ayla Bags, especially the Fanny Pack with its designated pocket and pass-through hole for the charging cord. Its long-lasting battery life (Avg. up to 10 hours) will be perfect for recharging your phone on the go!

Lublu Baby

Price: $100.00+

Lublu Baby 2-in-1 diaper bag is everything a mom would want in a bag! Anyone who has had a day out with young children knows they often want to walk, be carried, and walk again. Lublu is here to help a parent out! Make everyday outings easier with the brand’s premium 2-in-1 diaper bag backpack and baby carrier. Certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, this fashion-forward bag and carrier are conveniently separated into the upper and lower half of the backpack to stay super organized and full of compartments (16 total!) The patented, compact design provides extra room to pack for your adventure, and you can fit the entire carrier in one compartment to have it on hand when you need it most!

Create Her Own Oasis 


Fernweh Editions 

Price: Starting at $40.00

The scents of these candles will make Mom feel like she’s gone to a tropical vacation-can’t you hear the waves calling?! Fernweh Editions candles have invigorating scents that create an ambiance of a dreamy beach getaway with the Pacific Island collection (and many other collections/destinations)! These travel-inspired soy wax candles will transport a fragrant and elegant experience right to your home.

Hand-poured and made with craftsmanship in small batches in the USA, they are made from clean-burning soy wax, which is a renewable source that's better for the environment, better for air quality, providing a longer burn time and gives a strong base for the scents. 

Let’s Talk Towels

Price: Starting at $35.00

She will love enjoying her morning coffee in her robe from Let’s Talk Towels. Let’s Talk Towels sources 100% Turkish cotton towels and redesigns them for today’s lifestyles. Versatile, lightweight, durable, fast-drying, compact - these are just some of the reasons people have loved Turkish towels for centuries. Ethically sourced from Denizli, Turkey, these towels embody expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The collection offers something for all ages with stunning designs that fit into any decor.


LoveHeld - Bedding & Blankets

Price: Items starting at $68.00

Tired moms will get their best rest with bedding from LoveHeld. Held with love in the softest linen bedding, designed to comfort and support you in the best night's sleep. Relaxing your body/mind/spirit to make the most of every bit of precious sleep you get, so that you can continue to comfort and support your family with each new day. LoveHeld has something for everyone with gorgeous Everyday Tote Bags and ultra-soft and luxurious Linen Bedding plus Cozy Waffle throws from the coveted LoveHeld Home collection.  A busy mom of five created the LoveHeld, then sewing each item herself at home. Her mission -- Let's all be held with love every day. 

 *Soft slings, swaddles, linen bears and bunnies, and loveys round out the offerings at LoveHeld - through each of life’s stages.

The Worthington Collection

Price: Starting at $60.00

These candles will take away the smell of odors and make her kitchen smell amazing- no matter what scent you choose! The Worthington Collection is specially designed to remove odors permanently from any room! Give yourself the gift of relaxation and enjoy a fresher home while transforming it with these beautifully fragranced, odor-eliminating candles, all featuring a clean burn. The Black woman-owned brand was founded out of necessity. These beautiful candles are practical and gorgeous for any home or office. 

Mom Fuel

Erin’s Elderberries

Price: Varies / Items starting at $3.00

Not only are Erin’s Elderberries products delicious, they include ingredients that will help keep moms' immunity up! Let Erin’s Elderberries help you maintain the healthy lifestyle we all crave with handcrafted syrups, jelly, honey and much more! Handmade using certified organic ingredients and local raw honey, they are kid-friendly and eco-friendly.


Erin’s Elderberries specializes in many products, including cookies, teas, vinaigrette, and food + drink supplements utilizing (healthy) syrups and drink mixer sets to make the best cocktails, or mocktails in vibrant colors! The brand’s mission is to handcraft the highest quality elderberry at an affordable price, encouraging others to give it a try and add it to their cooking.

RED Chocolate Truffles

Price: $14.99

Give mom chocolate without the guilt! RED Chocolate has all the guiltless indulgence of regular chocolate, but with up to 50% less calories and 30-40% less fat! Formulated by European Master Chocolatiers, their truffle gift boxes are a scrumptious delight. Filled with either a smooth nut or a coconut filling, you would never guess that there's no added sugar.

Available through their website or on Amazon as well as national drug and grocery retailers.

Really Good Boxed Wine

Price: One 3 Liter box, the equivalent of four bottles of wine, costs $65, or $16.25 per bottle

Let mom feel good about the wine she drinks with Really Good Boxed Wine. In today’s environmentally conscious world, choosing boxed wine over bottles just makes sense. Really Good Boxed Wine is encouraging people to join the boxed wine revolution and choose this eco-friendly option. With the money the brand saves on packaging costs, they invest back into the quality of their wine, partnering directly with award winning winemakers and vineyards to make wine rivaling those $30-40 bottles on the top shelf at your favorite wine shop. And it’s being noticed – just ask Master Sommelier Andy Myers, the only Master Sommelier to ever endorse boxed wine.


Price: Starting at $25.00

Sweetkiwi lets mom balance her need to prioritize her health and enjoy the benefits of proper nutrition. The high protein whipped Greek frozen yogurt was reformulated during the pandemic to include superfood ingredients that boost immunity. They bridge the gap between good for you, functional nutrition, and great taste because life is at its most flavorful when you can indulge without guilt. Sweetkiwi intentionally sources its ingredients from the U.S., with milk coming from family-owned, grass-fed cows in California. All offerings are non-GMO, kosher, and lactose-free.

*Currently only shipping to PA, NY, NJ, DC, MD, VA.


Mammas Milk Bar

Price: $47+

A unique gift idea for the expecting mamma or new mamma! Mammas Milk Bar, a line of lactation blends and breastfeeding protein powders that support a mom’s need during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum. It’s the lifestyle choice that is helping so many women globally.

From one mamma to another, you can rest easy knowing these products were developed with a doctor and are endorsed by midwives and lactation consultants, touting the benefits of this 100% natural line made with love and nourishment. Proudly made in New Zealand, they feature the region's best oats, dutch cocoa, real vanilla beans, organic coconut sugar, and more. The lactation blends are vegan-friendly, soy-free, dairy-free, and wheat-free. They have formulated galactagogues ingredients into these unique and delicious blends to assist and stimulate milk supply. Premium products, featuring superfoods and adaptogens perfect for mammas and their babies!

Mocktail Club

Price: $16.95 for 4-pack

Mom taking a break from alcohol? Mocktail Club allows her to enjoy a Capri Sour or a Manhattan Berry and reap the benefits with ingredients such as pomegranates and blackberries for antioxidants and apple cider vinegar which contains prebiotics for gut health. All offerings are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan for added goodness. Mocktail Club recently launched their new canned drinks which are lightweight and portable.

Available on Amazon

Not Your Typical Gifts

Well Told – Custom Night Sky Mason Jar

Price: $19.95

The day you were born made your mom a Mother. You can capture that moment in time by customizing Well Told’s 16oz mason jar with a vision of the night sky from the place and time she was at when you entered the world. Featuring the stars, constellations, and planets as if she was looking up into the sky again.

Georgie & Lou

Price: $136 & $156

Your mom is in on the fastest-growing sport of the year, pickleball, so she needs a great bag for the court. Georgie & Lou pickleball bags mix function and fashion, making her a champion on and off the court. The pockets are thoughtfully designed to hold her paddle, balls, and pickleball essentials securely in a luxurious, lightweight bag. The bag includes designated interior pockets that hold paddles, pickle balls and keep your water in the shade while you play. Some designs also feature an exclusive “carabiner system” that keeps the bag lifted off the ground and away from germs, dirt and bugs. She’ll be ready for any match with these couture pickleball bags.


Price: $86.00

Caminito blankets are perfect for Mom’s day at the beach, picnic with a friend, or movie night in. These beautiful blankets are woven in Mexico and have several vibrant patterns to choose from. Designing a modern product with traditional methods of making allows them to create unique products while preserving a slice of history, art, and craft. So she can snuggle up with her new favorite blanket wherever she chooses.

Also available on West Elm and Anthropologie