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International ASMR Day is 4/9! Slime Hacks from TheSoul Publishing


International ASMR Day is approaching! Every year on April 9th, International ASMR Day spreads awareness for a perceptual phenomenon called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. 

I wanted to share some of TheSoul Publishing’s crazy slime hacks in honor of International ASMR Day! TheSoul Publishing is the co. behind one of the top five YouTube channels, 5-Minute Craftswith 69M subscribers and 140M+ followers across Facebook and Instagram

Below, please find some of the best slime hacks and crafts, perfect for any ASMR lover.  


  • Magnetic Slime: using a slime mixture that is the color of your choosing, add a tablespoon of metal shavings and mix throughout. Once the metal shavings are evenly distributed throughout the slime, grab a magnet, and hold it close to the slime mixture. You’ll notice that you can now magnetically move the slime in any direction! You can even cover your hand with the slime, place a magnet in the palm of your hand, and watch the slime absorb the magnet!
  • Sprinkle Slime: make your own rainbow sprinkle slime quickly and easily! Using a piece of clear slime, add in half a cup of rainbow beads. Mix the rainbow beads throughout my kneading the slime and, once complete, you will have vibrantly colored and crunchy slime – the perfect texture for ASMR!
  • Glittery Sparkle Slime: taking a bowl of clear slime, grab a few of your favorite colors of glitter. Place the glitter on top of the clear slime, alternating colors into a pattern. Next, mix the glitter into the slime. Now, you’ll have sparkly slime in any color you’d like!
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