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Sandwich Secrets to Help You Jazz Up Your Lunch


Bagged lunch. What comes to mind when you hear those words?


Most likely, a sandwich. A boring, plain sandwich that can feel more like a chore to eat than anything if it’s all you’re packing day after day.  


Lunch doesn't have to be boring! Even if it is a sandwich, there are many things you can do to jazz it up and keep your taste buds on their toes.


Use a Not-Grape Jelly

Peanut butter and jelly is a staple for some, even into adulthood. The classic combination is peanut butter and grape or strawberry jelly, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.


Try habanero jelly for a spicy sweet addition, and chunky peanut butter to give the sandwich a full texture.


Other unique peanut butter companies include fig jam, apple butter, or bourbon-infused jam.


Fried Egg Sandwich

Do you love breakfast at any time of day? Cook up a fried egg sandwich.


Fried eggs can be made four ways: sunny side up, where the white is set and the yolks are runny; over easy, the same as sunny side up but flipped and cooked on the other side for 20 seconds more; over medium, where the yolk is partially set; and over hard, where the yolk is fully set.


Add your egg of choice atop a slice of bread. Top it with sandwich staples like tomato and lettuce. Add savory ingredients like bacon and cheese.


Spread some mayo or mashed avocado on the second slice of bread and top off your sandwich.


Consider using sourdough or artisan breads that are sturdier so they can hold the heft of the sandwich.


Switch Up Your Bread

A simple bread swap can make all the difference in a sandwich.


Ciabatta has a soft inside with a thin crispy crust and is great for soaking up cheese and meat flavors.


Vienna roll is a sweet bread that pairs well with savory foods and can also be used with meat and cheese, and eggs and bacon as well. This is a great choice for a breakfast-themed sandwich.


Spelt bread is very flavorful and high in fiber and protein. This the perfect substitute for your typical white bread.


Seeded bread adds not only flavor but texture. Popular seeded bread includes sunflower, pumpkin, and poppy seeds.


Throw in Some Crunch

Speaking of texture, there’s a classic way to add oomph to your sandwich: chips.


Most often these salty crisps sit next to the sandwich on the plate. Why not throw them between the slices?


Another way to add crunch is to throw in slices of apples or pears to sweet sandwiches.


Pick Fun Condiments

Mayo and mustard are go-tos, but there’s a much wider array of condiments and spread to choose from out there.


Mostarda is a sweet and spicy Italian chutney that adds another layer of flavor.


Get Creative

There are many other crunchy, sweet, or flavorful things you can shove into your sandwich.


Kimchi and coleslaw are flavorful crunchy options.


Pickled ramps are a unique choice that impart a fresh green taste – or, you can just add pickles.