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Accessory Gifts for Dad

Photo Source: Trendhim

With Fathers Day vastly approaching, I thought I would show you some nice quality fashion accessories from Trendhim, for the dads who like to look their best.

It's Father's Day once again and Trendhim might know a thing or two about what to give the men in your lives for a day celebrating their strength, their dedication, and their love. 💙 

They have everything from 


The best belt for a man is the one that will not only look good but also tell your story. Are you a genuine leather kind of guy – the one who appreciates the aging process of leather and how it changes with each wear? Or are you the elastic belt type – a man with a fondness for the quick and easy buckling of an elastic belt?

A belt is for more than just keeping your trousers up. Visit the site for a few suggestions to follow when choosing your new belt.


Here you'll find all our men's cardholders and wallets. The leather wallet is the classic men's wallet for carrying bills, credit cards, IDs, driver's licenses and loose change. We also have cardholders that are smaller but still quite practical on their own.


Not all men's shirts can accommodate cufflinks and therein lies the reason why we don’t wear them every day. Cufflinks can only be used with dress shirts that have French cuffs (double cuffs). It's possible to wear cufflinks with other dress shirts, but the end result may not be as polished as you’d want.


Because your pants shouldn’t be around your ankles. That’s one reason, but they’ve become quite the fashion item as well. Suspenders were first worn in the 18th century as an undergarment. Since the 1960s, they've become an overgarment for fashion purposes and can be worn in a variety of social scenarios.


Here you'll find everything shaving products you need to elevate the sometimes dull, daily routine of shaving into an event that you will actually look forward to! No matter whether you're looking for quality replacement stainless steel double-edged blades or a high end, multi-piece retro shaving set, we'd love to walk you through our collections. We're confident you'll find exactly what you want, whether for yourself or as a perfect gift for someone special.


Whether you prefer traditional knit scarves like your grandma makes, or more modern versions like the infinity style, these neck wraps offer more than just warmth. Scarves are an excellent accessory you can use to dress up any cold-weather ensemble. With so many options to choose from, you can practically start your own mini-wardrobe of scarves to wear for any occasion. And if you’re not the adventurous type, having one black scarf at the ready is the perfect go-to choice that looks great with anything

And their bestsellers



Just like your clothes, the bracelet you wear speaks volumes about who you are. Not only do they look great, but they also reflect your personality and help express your story to the world. 

And sometimes, if you’re wearing a paracord bracelet, it could just save your life… or at least help you set up camp. 

Acing your style with a wrist chain or a men’s leather bracelet is as easy as finding the one you like and sliding it on. 

From there, a whole world of men’s jewelry and accessories awaits. Think of men’s bracelets as the gateway to an entirely new style high. 


Men’s wristwatches are (you guessed it) worn on the wrist. It seems obvious now, but it was a big shift from pocket watches back in the day. Read more about the story of pocket watches here.

Wrist watches come in many different styles such as field watches, chronographs, aviator watches, dress watches, sports watches, and digital watches. And with watch strap materials such as leather, nylon, rubber and stainless steel. 

We use stainless steel to construct the cases of most of our wristwatches. This strong metal makes each watch resistant to corrosion, discoloring, and tarnishing. 

And with colors like black, silver, or gold, you can have the look of
a men’s gold watch without the matching price tag. 

I received a beautiful pocket watch.  It reminds me of one that my father had when I was a little girl. I use to take it out of his drawer and play with it.  I was always so fascinated by it.

This pocket watch is lightweight, has a very nice face that is easy to read with good size numbers, and has a hinged closure. It is very simple to open and close quickly.

Men’s pocket watches are classic timepieces that have survived the passing of trends. Always stylish, never outdated, pocket watches are an essential piece of kit for any man. 

Their selection of pocket watches includes hard-wearing materials like 316L stainless steel and scratch-resistant sapphire glass
, design features like skeleton dials, automatic and quartz movement, and a range of pocket watch chains.