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Get Fit and Build Balance with Whirly Board


Many of you know that I had major knee surgery last June, after suffering a complete meniscus tear last Memorial Day, that left me in pain and on my back the entire summer.  Because I couldn’t put any pressure on my leg, I lost my ability to walk and had to learn to walk all over again.  It was a very stressful and humbling experience for me.  I was in a wheelchair for a while, then on crutches and until recently a cane, which I still use when necessary.  

My knee still isn’t 100% because the muscles are still not strengthened enough and I’ve been having problems with my ham string and other muscles which are getting aggravated easily, which puts me in pain.

I go to physical therapy weekly, and I’ve been using the Whirly Board in my room, on my carpet,  during the week  to help build the muscles in my knee. I really like it very much.  I’m still afraid to try balancing without lightly holding onto my tall dresser, but I’m still getting the benefit of the board, and can definitely feel my knee building strength as I try to balance on it.

Whirly board is great for anyone who wants to improve their balance on skate boards, snowboards or surf boards as well.   It’s a great way for the entire family to get in shape.

The board itself is very well made with a nonslip surface.  Each board is handmade and offers a lifetime warranty.

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It's time to get on board with this latest trend that combines a spinning balance board with today’s lifestyles. Use it at home or while working (perfect with standing desks) and keep moving for better overall health. With 500+ positive reviews on Amazon, join the movement to put the fun back into exercise! Add a little fitness, agility, and fun with Whirly Board! The Whirly Board allows you to spin 360 ̊ and engage all your body's core muscles. An excellent training tool for any skill level (even kids), it’s the ultimate accessory for your home, office, or gym. Whirly Board is a great option for core training and home fitness without the need for bulky gym equipment that takes up space. An indoor training tool, it improves strength, balance, and agility. 

Available on Amazon. This is an affiliate link and I receive a small incentive if purchase is made, using my link.


  1. This board sounds really interesting. Was happy to hear that you held on a little bit. I would worry about falling off but holding hold would make feel so secure. Totally understand what you have gone through. About 15 years ago had hip replacement surgery and ended up with nerve damage in lower leg and foot. Long story in rehab for two weeks , therpy twice a day. I ended up on crutches for almost 7 months. My therapy guy taught me to walk again. I still use a cane and have to be aware when walking. You will get there just takes time and work :-)


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