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inPOWERED Lights Stay Lit Up to 16 Hours After Power Outages


Last summer we had a few storms that knocked the power out in my home for hours. It was so frustrating for me because I had just had major surgery and was confined to a wheel chair at the time. I was using a tiny set of battery operated Christmas lights to light my path, but they didn’t do much.  Now, I have a wonderful solution to never being in the dark again after a power outage.  inPOWERED lamps are specially designed lamps to provide light and phone charging power up to 16 hours after a power outage. 

There are many more advantages to inPOWERED lights.  Charge your phone when power is out. The shatterproof base has a usb charger built in.  Operate the lamp by app. With color changing options, you can make your lamp any of the thousands of colors in the settings that you’d like. 

Want to have some fun? Set your lamp to music for fun times at parties or get togethers. Adjust the brightness of your lamp easily.  You can even schedule your lights to turn on/off.

I love this lamp and I plan to purchase a few more for my home. They are great to have, especially with all of the bad weather we tend to be having lately. Now I don’t have to worry about being in the dark anymore.

Learn more about this lamp below.

inPOWERED Lights will be your best friend during a power outage. As a certified women-owned business, IPL makes stylish, everyday lamps that will switch on automatically when the power goes out. Plus you never have to worry about where to charge your dying devices because these lamps charge phones and tablets with no electricity! IPL donates a portion of all profits to programs committed to helping women entrepreneurs.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link) As Ana Amazon affiliate, I receive a small incentive if purchase is made using my link. 

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Price: $49.99+