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The Benefits of Internships Abroad

After many long years of college. It’s time to start thinking of which direction you want to go with your professional career. One way to build up your resume professionally is by starting out with an international internship. Having global experience is very impressive on any resume. It can certainly make anyone stand out on their resume and job application, and help to quickly further your career.

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The benefits of internships abroad

Some of the main benefits of International internships is that you can choose to work and live anywhere in the world, and choose from an array of positions that pertain to your field.  This can certainly show that you can adapt to any situation, not only in your work career, but in your personal life as well.  Just think of how you will grow personally and culturally.  This will also help your professional career to grow as well.

Another key element of international internship is that in todays world, it is important to have intercultural communication skills.  What better way to develop those, than by internships abroad. This will surely make you stand out from other job applicants, and employers will see the risks you are willing to take and boundaries you are willing to push, to boost your career and self.

Get out of your comfort zone and push your limits.  This will help you develop as a person and a professional.  

Internships abroad can help to expand your global network. This can be a key way to quickly advance your career while growing your global understanding of different parts of the world we live in. 

Add excitement to your life and your professional career by developing a better understanding of how your job benefits people all over the world, not just at home.

Discover new destinations that you’ve always dreamed of visiting and develop a greater knowledge of the beautiful cultures in other societies, while growing as a person.

Learn language skills and develop communication skills in the global world. Become a better global citizen. 

Learn life habits  that will help you to learn work ideas and procedures that you can take and apply in your own country.

International Internships New York offers those who are looking to internship abroad, many key benefits. This includes unparalleled  insights and experiences you can only dream about. 

New York is one of the top largest economies in the world.  Having an internship in New York is very beneficial. It is home to many of the top finance, health and fashion companies in the world. It’s the city that never sleeps and is filled with so much fast paced lifestyle, great food, a melting pot of culture and tons of entertainment.

If you love a fast paced lifestyle, like New York City, and dream of working there one day, this is the perfect internship abroad, because similar to many Asian cities, New York has a bustling lifestyle with packed trains and buses during rush hours and transportation at your finger tips. There’s no need to own a car in New York City. New Yorkers are very active and love to walk and hop on the subways that take them anywhere they want to go around the city.

Why 2023 is a great year for an internship

This is a great time to learn hands on experience.  After a few long years of Covid and quarantine.  The world is starting to come back to a normal life again.  Many companies are eager to fill positions and salaries have been increasing. Setting yourself apart from others with an internship in New York City will have employers eager to hire you, because they will see that you take your career seriously and see that risks you are willing to take to further your career.  They will also see that you can handle a fast paced lifestyle.

You can explore the fabulous culture of New York City. A city with great history and beauty. Discover the delicious foods and rooftop bars  with the surroundings of this beautiful city filled with sky scrapers, high tech travel,  and wonderful street markets in parts of the city, like China Town and Chelsea  Piers. Little Italy has the best Italian food in the city. From delis to Five Star restaurants, you can explore flavors from all over the world here.  Let’s not forget about the top entertainment capital of the world with so many wonderful theaters, concerts and performances on and off Broadway. 

Do you like to shop? NYC is bustling with some of the top designers and stores.  Explore the huge malls, seven story Macys building and so many more shops. There are even street vendors in many parts of the city. 

How to Apply for an Internship Abroad

Just like any other application process, it takes time and patience to apply for internships. However, gathering as much information as possible, and knowing what to expect from your internship makes it a much easier and less stressful process. 

Most internships abroad require an application process, which also requires a resume, so be sure to  perfect yours.  There are many resume writing sites that can help you to follow proper formatting, and even check for grammatical errors.

Speak to your teachers and former employers about letters of recommendation. These will help you to stand out in the application process.  You should also ask if they may be used as a reference in your application process.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors and hope that the information I’ve provided, will help to guide you on your path to success.