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How to Play Clock Work Bingo

This post is intended for adults 21 and older.

Bingo must be one of the most versatile games around. When you consider how simple it is to play, the number of variations on the same theme is staggering. There are countless different styles you can play, from 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, 30-ball bingo, Slingo, and even play Barbados Bingo! If you’ve not tried any of these different forms of bingo, make sure you give them a go in the fun spirit of the game!

However, now, many online bingo sites have started to offer an even newer variation called Clock Work bingo. It’s mainly based on 90-ball bingo and consists of matching the bingo numbers that are drawn (from 1 to 90) with the numbers on the bingo cards that the player has bought. To win, the player must then complete all their horizontal lines before any other person does.

The great thing about Clock Work bingo is that you really can play with as many players as you want. In fact, the more players there are, the better it works. What’s more, as the prize is generally a “pool” system where the winner takes the takings from everyone’s ticket purchases, the more people that play, the better for the winner! The jackpots can be genuinely huge.

Playing Clock Work 90-ball bingo

A unique element that Clock Work 90-ball bingo provides is the fact that for every game played, there can be as many as three different winners. This is because players can win either by getting a one-line bingo, a two-line bingo, as well as a full-house bingo.

1)       One-Line Bingo: Game is won by covering every one of the numbers on any particular row on any ticket.

2)       Two-Line Bingo: Game is won by covering all of the numbers on exactly two of the three rows on any of your tickets.

3)       Full House: Game is won by covering every number on all three rows on any of your tickets.

After all three winning combinations have been announced, that designated round comes to an end, and you can prepare for the next round.

While 90-ball variations like Clock Work bingo, the traditional form of bingo evolves and becomes more and more accessible to newer generations. Although most online providers will have their own nuances and tiny differences in their Clock Work bingo games, it’s still a pretty easy form of bingo to pick up and learn. You won’t need to study the rules and regulations too much.

Final thoughts on Clock Work 90-ball bingo

Clock Work 90-ball bingo is a game that is definitely worth a try, even if winning the jackpot isn't guaranteed. If you’re still unsure, and you don’t want to risk playing and losing your hard-earned cash, most online bingo sites will even offer a demo version for free.

Bingo is definitely a game to played in a group of friendly players who are all enjoying themselves. Clock Work bingo is no different and will no doubt become more and more popular.

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