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Tackle Child Tantrums Healthily with Sesh

Struggling with tantrums? Many of us have been there. Don’t feel defeated. There is help available.

Sesh is a new parenting app that helps parents experience zero-tantrum & guilt-free days. 

Tell Sesh about your child’s tantrums every evening and receive science-backed techniques, and personalized recommendations specific to your situation.

Daily guidance through bite-sized videos coaches you on how to apply these techniques, making you a Tantrum connoisseur in just six weeks.Sesh helps parents build healthy relationships, manage behavioral issues, and make better decisions...from first words to all grown up. 

We all need solutions to the real problems we face with our children every day. We built Sesh to reduce feelings of inadequacy and help parents be more confident in their parenting skills - starting with tantrums.

With their immersive six-week course parents can build a personalized plan, get science-backed techniques, and receive daily guidance all through the app.

Sesh provides judgment-free guidance for any parenting style. Get science-backed methods vetted by parents.   

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Use discount code is chattypatty50. This will give you 50% off!  You will become a master of tantrum regulation in six weeks for just $25