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Event: Art Livestream to Benefit Environmental Nonprofits


Digital Art Marketplace CO2ign to Host Art Livestream Recognizing Earth Overshoot Day

Event Sales Will Benefit Environmental Causes, Artists


SEATTLE, WA (July 7, 2022) - Today, digital art marketplace CO2ign Art announced a plan to host their first livestream event to benefit environmental causes and artists. The event will take place on July 29 with live art being created beginning at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST. Artists including Tycho Dwelis and Pypah Santos will be streaming live on Twitch and YouTube, creating art throughout the day for fans to see.


The CO2ign Art platform provides a new way for digital artists to sell their work while helping the environment at the same time. Thirty percent of proceeds goes directly to the artists andfifty percent funds carbon reduction projects. CO2ign Art will donate the remaining twenty percent to an environmental non-profit. 


“We chose to hold our very first event recognizing Earth Overshoot Day as a reminder that humanity is using up more resources than the earth generates,” said Carly Rector, CEO and Chief Architect of CO2ign Art. “The livestream will provide an opportunity for artists to showcase their works, while also protecting the environment and raising awareness for eco-friendly causes.”


For more information about the livestream and to RSVP for the event, please visit or follow CO2ign on Twitter and Instagram.


About CO2ign Art:


CO2ign Art was founded in 2021 with a mission to support artists and protect the earth. Through its innovative non-NFT platform, CO2ign Art offers users proof-of-purchase with a digital signature. CO2ign Art avoids the energy costs of NFTs, and the material and shipping costs of print sales. Plus, 50% of the list price of CO2ign Art goes towards carbon credits, which are used to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.