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Kid and Pet Friendly Bug Repellent


Do you hate mosquitoes and gnats as much as I do? They can really make spending time outdoors unpleasant.

Many repellents use harmful chemicals that are not good for our bodies.  Luckily there are safer alternatives, like Bug Soother. It's a Natural Bug Repellent Made With Skin-nourishing Ingredients You Can Pronounce. When Fishing, Hiking, Golfing, Or Simply Enjoying The Outdoor :) 

Bug Soother, a natural, kid-and-pet-friendly line of insect repellent products that actually work. You can even use it on horses and chickens.

The line includes bug repellent sprays and candles, as well as family bundles – all of which are non-toxic and nourish the skin. Bug Soother is also great for moisturizing after spending time in the hot sun. 

I received a sample of the spray and candle and they work wonderfully, and the scent is great too! Best of all, it’s made by a company whose products I’ve used for years, and trust.


Founded in 2003, Eco Lips is the original organic lip balm. They manufacture the best USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified™ lip care products FOR the world. Eco Lips products are also Non-GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified, and gluten free. Their 86,700 sq ft manufacturing facility located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is powered with 100% renewable energy. Eco Lips is a certified B Corporation focused on the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit. With the recent purchase of Simply Soothing, makers of Bug Soother bug repellent, Eco Lips continues to be focused on creating effective and sustainable personal care products and being true innovators in the market.