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No One Will Know How Brilliant You Are If You Can't Communicate It



June 29, 2022 (El Segundo, CA)As kids are graduating and moving on to high school, college or the “real world”; how they present themselves is more important than ever. Luckily, Midian LLC can help, with a brand-new online self-paced student presentation skills course designed to empower students to find their voice and create connections through communication and representing themselves effectively. This course is designed to prepare students to take on the next phase of their lives with skills that they will use for a lifetime


No matter what path students take, they will need to communicate; with this course, they will be prepared. The online presentation skills course is now available to those who are looking to improve their presentation style and public speaking. Students will enhance competence while growing confidence. This online course takes a comprehensive look at presentation style including how to build upon strengths when it comes to public speakinghow to overcome any challenges and how to elevate skills to best serve the presenter in delivering a cohesive, well-received message. Students will learn that it is easier to create a good habit than it is to break a bad one. In addition to downloadable written and video contentparticipants are invited to 6 months of monthly live group Q&A calls with Midian founder, Sheila Miller-Nelson.


This course is geared towards students, middle school and above, preparing for in-class presentations, job interviews or meetings with colleges, to master the skills associated with presenting themselves in the most professional and coherent way. Usually when one thinks of presenting, they only consider being at the front of a room or even on stage.  But the reality is, people are always presenting - as long as there is another person who can see or hear them, they are presenting.  This course allows students to choose HOW they want to represent themselves.


Midian’s presentation skills course will include some of the following content:

• Considering how you represent yourself to build your reputation intentionally
• Maximizing verbal, vocal, and visual communication.
• Building confidence and reducing anxiety.
• Dressing to enhance, not detract from your presentation.
• Knowing the audience and building the presentation specifically for them.
• Using pitch, pace, volume, and congruent body language to enhance communication.
• Practicing – the how and why.


The course will include written content, worksheets, video content and monthly live Q&A calls for 6 months. The cost is $497.


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Midian is a certified woman-owned small business. Its founder, Sheila Miller-Nelson, uses her years of experience in talent optimization and people development to empower individuals to create connections in all communication settings. A former trainer with Dale Carnegie, her experience in communication and leadership coaching spans more than 25 years. Sheila works regularly with middle and high school students to elevate their everyday communication and self-representation.  She guides participants in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy to help make their pitch more powerful and assists Seniors in creating connections while accentuating their achievements during college interviews


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