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Protect Your Ears from Swimmers Ear and Water Related Problems


A few weeks ago while on vacation, I got swimmer’s ear and was miserable. I hadn’t even gone under water much.  I wound up going to the doctor because my ear wouldn’t clear and had some discomfort. He prescribed  antibiotics for my ears.  He recommended that I use ear plugs when swimming, but I despise anything on or in my ears.  I was talking to a close friend about it, and she told me about a product called Ear Pro.  It’s a spray that you put in your ears before swimming, and it keeps your ears protected from trapped water in the ear canal.  All I have to do is 1 spray in each ear before swimming, and I’m good for 2 hours. It’s great for swimmers, surfers and divers.  I’ve been using it for the past week and I love it.  No need to put any plugs in my ears. I just spray and go. 


We created Ear Pro - a preventative waterproofing ear spray that allows kids (0+) and adults to enjoy their time in the water with no painful ears. It's a unique ear spray to be used when swimming, having fun in the water or taking any water activity available. It is formulated with 2 ingredients only that repel water and protect the ear from exposure to water-borne related causes: trapped water in the earsear infection, associated ear pain or possible hearing loss. 

If we look at the statistics, we’ll see that:

more than 80% of children will suffer from at least one ear infection by their 3rd birthday;
there are 2.4 million doctor visits for Swimmer’s Ear each year in the US.

We truly believe these numbers will change when people make ear protection a part of their routine before getting in water. Prevention is always better than cure and we don’t want  us and our children to build up a tolerance to  antibiotics (which is the only solution for ear infections) that could be needed for something exceptionally serious. 

Ear Pro is like sunscreen for your ears that repels water. Yes, the water does come in, but Ear Pro prevents water from being “stuck” in your ears (which is the reason for ear infections). It is to be used BEFORE water activities and should be reapplied every 2 hours or every next time you go to the water. It doesn’t block hearing or impact your balance. It’s easy and quick to use. 

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