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Small Businesses With Brands Made In The USA

The money consumers spend on buying something made in America goes directly to the families and workers of the American people. With so many companies struggling and how the economy has been, let’s show our patriotism by supporting brands Made in the USA. Here are some brands you can support:

Nautilus Puzzles

Nautilus Puzzles elevates the growing enthusiasm for this time-honored pastime to new levels. They craft intricate wooden jigsaws for adults uniquely designed with fun and vibrant pieces featuring different art styles and well-known artistic masters. They use soy-based inks and the latest cutting-edge laser technology to fabricate pieces from formaldehyde-free birch/basswood plywood sustainably harvested in Finland and FSC-certified. All puzzles are made in the USA, in California.

Available on Amazon and Etsy

Fifth and Cherry

Fifth & Cherry brings the family together with their heirloom-quality wooden cutting boards. With their premium collection, all you need is one board that will last a lifetime.The boards are handcrafted using only end-grain construction and Black American cherry wood from Pennsylvania and New York. A Veteran-owned family business, Fifth & Cherry offers a lifetime warranty and free refinishing (the only cutting board company in the world to do this), a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship and customer service. 

Available on Fifth and Cherry



The Tiniest Tiger - Made In The USA Collection

The Tiniest Tiger designs are inspired by cats for fellow cat lovers! Some designs are subtle and some are whimsical but all are created with feline finesse. Their “Made In The USA” Collection features accessories proudly made in the States, including a bed, apparel, and more. The Tiniest Tiger creates for you, for your cat and for your habitat! And because they love all cats big and small, they even support global big cat conservation projects. 

Available at Rite Aid online and in store

Hot N Saucy 

Hot N Saucy is expertly handcrafted in the USA for hot sauce lovers who enjoy indulging in spices and flavors that leave an everlasting flavor. Now being highlighted as Amazon’s Choice, this sauce is sure to be a popular choice to add flavor to any meal. 

Available on Amazon and at retailers such as Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls


Giorgio Cookie Co.

These cookies are not just delicious, they’re homemade, making them that much more delectable. For their best-selling Signature White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie, it takes two minutes to fill, dip, and powder just one cookie. That’s a whole lot of love and care into every bite to ensure you have the best cookie ever. They sell directly to consumers in their storefront location in Ohio and across the country!

Available on Amazon

Chef Woo Ramen

Imagine 20 g of plant-based protein packed in every cup of Ramen you eat. That’s almost 3 times more protein than other popular brands and a good chunk of your daily requirements. What could be better? How about being MSG-free, chemical-free, AND made in the USA. Good clean organic eating is just a cup away with Chef Woo Ramen.

Bell’s Cookie Co.

Sweet tooth? Don't forget the cookies! Nostalgic tastes are one of the main reasons for the creation of Bell’s Cookie Co. Now they are on a mission to be the number one choice for cookies and sweet treats. Their cookies are already the pride of Washington, recently voted the best in the state, but you don’t have to live there to enjoy these perfectly crunchy and gooey creations. The family-owned cookie shop delivers nationwide with their cookies individually wrapped to remain fresh and boxed to never arrive crumbled. With 12 traditional and unique flavors, you’ll just have to try them all to see your new favorite. 

Available on GoldBelly


Tamalitoz by Sugarox are a fiery, fierce candy inspired by the sweet taste of Mexico! It’s a ribbon-style candy, filled with a mild chili lime seasoning with a unique origin story. Proudly made in the USA, Husband & husband team, Jack and Dec, wanted to come up with a unique blend of flavors that represented both of them. With the tangy flavors of Mexico and traditional sweetness from Britain, Tamalitoz was born. All their flavors are naturally flavored and colored. Nothing artificial here. Try all 10 sweet and tangy flavors! 

Available on Amazon, at Michael’s, and select Walmarts



Burn Pit BBQ

Turn your backyard into THE spot for amazing barbecue using Burn Pit BBQ sauces, rubs and seasonings! A veteran-owned company based in Wisconsin, they are committed to using only high-quality all natural ingredients to provide flavorful products all while giving back to the veteran community one barbecued-goodness bite at a time. Originally beginning as a blog offering tips on all things grilling, Burn Pit BBQ understands how disappointing it is to ruin a perfectly good slab of meat which is why they’ve created products to help achieve the barbecue bliss that will be the envy of all your neighbors this Summer! Marinate your legendary meats in the best selling Fire for Effect or Ground Pounder and don’t forget some sweet Pogey Bait glaze!

Also available on Amazon


Sciabica California Olive Oil

Based in Modesto, California, Sciabica extra virgin olive oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties all the while adding delicious flavor. Their olive oils contain no artificial flavorings or additives, they're all GMO-free, sustainably farmed, and artisan-crafted in small batches. Sciabica offers a variety of cold-pressed flavors such as garlic, lemon, jalapeno, basil, mediterranean medley, and sticky balsamic. These simple ingredients combine to make some deliciously impactful flavors perfect for drizzling over salads, using as marinades, or just adding them as a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes!

My Review

Being on strict keto diet, what I put in my body is extremely important to me. I will only consume quality foods and products that are good for me and aren’t over processed. These Sciabica Extra Virgin Olive Oils are extremely good for me and are delicious. They’re perfect for adding to salads, and are wonderful for marinating meats and vegetables for grilling. They’re also great for cooking. I’ve been enjoying them on my salads and as part of my regular diet. Did you know that extra virgin olive oil have antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation? One of the key antioxidants it has is oleocanthal which has been known to work similar to ibuprofen. That’s such an interesting piece of knowledge I’ve learned.