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TCG Megamats are Mega Fun!

TCG Playmats with Favorite Kid Characters make Tummy Time and Play Time Comfortable & Fun - Easy to Clean, Non-Toxic and Affordable 

When they say Mega, they aren’t kidding! When my mat arrived to my home my eyes grew wide at the size! It’s awesome! It is such a great size for kids to play and the nice thing about it is that more than one child can play on it at a time and still have room.  

I received the Paw Patrol Megamat and it is awesome! 

It comes with 2 character vehicles and the mat is over 5 feet x 3.5 feet in size. It has roads and buildings on it. Kids will have so much fun playing on it. It’s made from an easy to clean material.  It’s great for playing indoors and outdoors and is great for the park or beach.  It’s super lightweight.

Felt Megamat™

Soft and strong, Felt Megamats™ are durable enough for the most rambunctious play. Super lightweight and portable, they fold up and go with you anywhere. Over 5 square feet of adventure and imagination, they are non-toxic, easy to clean and measure 27.5" wide x 31.5" tall. Kids favorite characters and themes include Blues Clues, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Tonka. Ages 3+, SRP $7.99, Available at Amazon!

Jumbo Megamat™ brings the fun in a BIG way! Over 17.5 square feet of soft, non-slip, hypoallergenic EVA foam creates the ultimate space for your little one to get up and play! It easily wipes clean and stands up to household cleaners with no color fading and is water resistant, so it is always ready for the next adventure. Jumbo Megamats(TM) roll up easily and are lightweight, perfect to bring along anywhere. 1–2-character toys (assorted styles) in kids favorite characters and themes including Barbie DreamHouse, Hot Wheels, and Paw Patrol with more to come in Fall 2022 including Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, CoComelon, Little Tikes and more. Measures 47" wide x 61" tall, Ages 3+, SRP $39.99, Available at Amazon.

Barbie Dreamhouse Jumbo Megamat Playmat

The Barbie DreamHouse Jumbo Mega Playmat brings hours of fun to life in a HUGE way! This beautiful jumbo-sized foam mat is the perfect accompaniment to your child’s Barbie DreamHouse, bedroom or play area! Over 17.5 square feet of soft, non-slip, hypoallergenic EVA foam creates the ultimate space for your little one to discover creativity and imagination as they get up and play with their new playmat! Featuring bright and colorful graphics of Barbie’s DreamHouse, little ones can join Barbie in fun adventures and memorable moments! Just add your child’s favorite Barbie dolls, figures or toys for an immersive play experience.

The Barbie Dream House Jumbo Mega Playmat easily wipes clean, stands up to household cleaners with no color fading and is water resistant. It rolls up easily and is lightweight, making it perfect to bring along anywhere for the next magical adventure! Includes two stylish chairs and two adorable puppies! Measures 47" wide x 61" tall and no batteries are required. Ages 3+, SRP $39.99, Available at Amazon.

Luxury Gelli Mat Playmat

Create a beautiful and safe play area for little ones with the Luxury Gelli Mat Playmat. Super soft, protective and water-resistant, the play mat is specially constructed with durable and high-quality memory foam, nearly a half inch thick, to produce the softest play mat. Made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic EVA foam, and completely free of phthalates and PVC, the Luxury Gelli Mat Playmat will become part of your child's favorite time of day, play time. Two double-sided Gelli Mat designs available:

Alphabet Fun - one side adorned with educational alphabet characters and the other a bright, playful design to help with baby's overall development.

Fisher Price - one side with adorable licensed characters and an attractive geometric pattern on the other!

Grey and White - one side calming grey and white graphic design and the other a neutral calm design to help the baby enjoy a calmer play time. Designed for 0-3 year olds, SRP $99.99, Available at Target and Amazon.

Barbie Color Surprise Puzzle

The Barbie Color Surprise Puzzle is a magical 100 piece puzzle featuring amazing water activated color change technology! Piece by piece, youngsters can join Barbie and her friends while they enhance their dexterity and create a beautiful masterpiece. Once the puzzle is assembled, kids can use the included water pen to reveal the colors and bring the party to life! It's so much fun that they will want to see their best friends' outfits change colors over and over again! Go ahead and lift it up! The Barbie Color Surprise Puzzle is specially constructed, using Sure-Lox technology to ensure there is the perfect fit for each piece. The puzzle measures 15" x 11.25" and includes a water pen. Ages 3+, SRP $19.15, Available at Amazon.

Hidden Shapes - Jigsaw Puzzle - 300 Pieces - Hand Drawn - 75 Unique Hidden Shapes - Great Gift for All Puzzlers - Men, Women, Boys and Girls.

These puzzles are so awesome. The images are so beautiful and colorful.  Each animal has hidden shapes within its puzzle. The puzzle is so fun to do.  I received the elephant.    Also available are the lion, bear and wolf.  Each other animal is also beautifully colorful with hidden shapes inside. 

Join in the safari adventure and discover the 75 hand drawn specialty animal and nature shaped pieces that shape the story of the Lion in this Hidden Shapes 300 piece animal puzzle! Even the puzzle itself is the shape of a majestic lion head! Every piece fits together to tell the tale hidden amongst the puzzle. This 300 piece animal jigsaw puzzle is crafted to be an excitingly new puzzle experience. Hidden Shapes is available in Lion, Elephant, Bear and Wolf themed puzzles. Ages 5+, SRP $12.99. Available at Amazon and Target!