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Four DIY Ways to Upgrade Your Bed and Breakfast in Scotland


With numerous bed and breakfast options available, owners need to do something to make theirs stand out to attract guests. This need not be expensive. Here are four DIY ideas that will wow guests and make you more marketable.

Highlight What Is Unique About Your Location

People who travel to another country on holiday are looking for an authentic experience that showcases the traditions of that destination. For example, if you have a B&B Scotland, you want to emphasise all things Scottish. From your website to your flyer, you can inform potential guests that from your boutique hotels, Scottish borders are an easy trip

But you want to go one step further and make sure your décor also reflects your B&B Scotland. Use traditional colours. If you are a member of a Scottish clan, put up newspaper articles or other information, its slogan, its war cry if it has one, and photos of fully kilted Scotsmen on a noticeboard. It is fairly simple to design a DIY noticeboard

Traditional Meals

In keeping with your guests’ desire for authenticity, you should aim to serve traditional meals that echo the theme  a Melrose Scotland B&B

Do something unexpected that will please many of your guests. Offer them breakfast in bed so that they can start the day off in a relaxed mode after their first night. This gives them a chance to recover from jetlag and transform frazzled travellers into cheerful guests. They will remember this gesture of hospitality and be sure to return to your boutique guest house in Melrose for their next visit. 

Although you can buy breakfast trays, what could be nicer than the ones you have made yourself? Guests will be impressed when you tell them. Here’s a video to help youcreate a DIY breakfast-in-bed tray.

Making Guests Part of Your Memories

Your guests are going to take a lot of photographs. That’s good news because it shows you what they found interesting or exciting about their holiday and helps you do more targeted marketing. If you can arrange a nearby photography shop to process films quickly, you can provide a service of getting these done for guests. Ask them to choose their favourite pics and pin them to your photo boards. 

Guests will feel as if your boutique bed and breakfast is a second home and will be inclined to join you on their next trip, even if it is only for the pleasure of seeing themselves in pictures on the walls. They will also encourage their friends to stay with you on their vacation. 

Follow these steps to make a huge DIY photo board or several smaller ones. These can be placed in your reception area, lounge, and guest bedrooms.

Restful Bedrooms

Another area where you can feature genuine Scottish décor is in the guest bedrooms. Turn ordinary beds into canopy beds. Guests love them because they look romantic and provide an extra measure of privacy, which is great when they are far from home. Look at these DIY options for canopy beds. Remember to stick to a colour scheme that reinforces your locale.

With these tips, you will have guests returning to your bed and breakfast every year.